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&Me period tea helps relieve period cramps naturally

The story of &Me Period Tea

This is a story of our first love, &Me Period care solution. How we launched &Me Period Drink and why we are re-launching it now in a new avatar – &Me Period Tea! — Exactly 2 years ago, we launched &Me Period Drink – India’s first holistic and natural solution for monthly Period changes in the body. &Me period drink was a revolutionary drink that helped women with period cramps, bloating, fatigue and mood swings! It was hailed across media and loved by women Why we launched &Me period drink? Despite 50% of population going through period cycles every month and 75% of them facing one or the other PMS symptom of discomfort, solutions did not exist. Painkillers are harmful while only helping with pain. Hot water bags just provide temporarily relief. But what about all the other period symptoms of fatigue, mood swings, bloating, back pain, headache, vomiting? We took a stand and after one year of dedicated research, 100+ consumer interviews, 20+ discussions with gynecologists and nutritionists, and 500+ tests to balance nutrients …

Facts About Periods

Pain due to menstrual cramps/period cramps has been around since women have existed on earth. Every girl who has attained menarche and  every pre-menopausal woman with a functioning uterus has experienced this at some point in her life.

Over 83% Women Benefited from &Me PMS Drinks: &Me Study Results

“Just finished &Me PMS drink, and it made me sigh in relief… It had a soothing effect and eased my period pain. Would really recommend the drink to all the women out there”  The three &Me PMS drinks – Mango, Orange and Green Apple – were among the first drinks launched by us, driven by a consumer insight that over 75% of women experience period discomfort and painful PMS symptoms! Part of it stems from lifestyle and psychological state at the time, but a significant share is driven by hormonal imbalance and lack of nutrition in the body. However, except for pain relieving medicines, and hot packs, there is NO real solution in the market.  In &Me PMS drinks, we combined the powers of Ayurvedic Herbs with Nutritional science to provide a holistic balance in the body and alleviate PMS symptoms naturally. Since their launch in Sep 2018, &Me PMS Drinks had been in the market for 1 year and sold over 10,000 bottles. In our continual pursuit to understand what the consumer needs, to what extent …