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How to avoid hot flashes & insomnia?

Menopause can be described as the retirement of the female reproductive system, and it also brings the same level of relief that retirement brings. Periods are something that women deal with for the majority of their lives and quite painful for most. So when it’s time for menopause most women are happy. But what we don’t look forward to are the symptoms that come along with menopause. The most obvious and exasperating symptoms of menopause are hot flashes and insomnia, the two are mostly consequent.

Introducing the all new MenoDiet Drink

MenoDiet drink is a product by andMe, specially formulated for women in Menopause. As mentioned before, nutritional requirements of the body change with time and age, similarly, requirements during Menopause are also different. This is addressed and the special requirements of the body during this phase are fulfilled by andMe’s MenoDiet.