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The Secret Sauce to Losing Weight

Even before you clicked on this article, a voice in your head was telling you it’s “yet another weight loss diet”, “yet another fad”, let me tell you, that this article is not about weight loss fads or crash diets. We don’t believe in it as they are unsustainable and not good for the body. Our philosophy is to prepare the body from within to improve the weight loss journey the natural way, like it is supposed to

Best Protein for Weight Loss in Women

Apart from exercise, diet is also essential for weight loss in women. One of the trending diets that help women in weight loss is high protein diet. Proteins are the most important single nutrient to weight loss and a better-looking body. A high intake of proteins boosts metabolism reduces appetite and changes several hormones, which regulate weight. Protein can help you shed weight and abdominal fat, and it operates through a variety of different mechanisms. A high-protein diet promotes eating more protein and fewer carbohydrates or fat to maximize weight loss, boost strength and improve athletic performance. Protein is significant health food. It is responsible for a variety of essential body functions, including hormones, enzymes, and repair and maintenance of the cells. There are many best protein powders for women available in the market that promote weight loss. What is protein? Protein is an essential macronutrient that participates in almost all body functions and processes. It plays a crucial role in recovery from exercise and is an essential dietary nutrient for a healthy living. The …

Protein for Weight Loss in Women

In case you are a fitness fan, you will surely know the benefits of proteins in your diet. For novices, the news is that proteins help you build your muscles, which not only helps you looktoned but also boosts your metabolism. The stereotypical image that goes along with persons who consume protein shakes is that they are ‘big and bulky.’ As such, many women steer clear of protein shakes since they don’t want to gain visible muscles, avoid extra calories or they are of the opinion that they don’t need to add proteins to their diet. Though it is true that the protein needs of women are lower than that of men, its importance cannot be ignored. Protein shakes can aid women to gain and retain muscle mass and enhance overall body composition. Different Kinds of Proteins:  Whey proteins: It is the most commonly used kind of proteins in protein powders. It is absorbed quickly by the body and is an easy and ideal supplement for post-workout.  Soy protein: comprises of all essential amino acids …