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5 Nuts a day in women’s life

Women need to be very careful about their health, food habits, and day-to-day life. They need to take vitamins and proper nutrition to take care of their body because Women are key in maintaining healthy families, access the health system more than men, both for themselves and on behalf of their children. Many become pregnant and give birth, a significant health event, then typically become their child’s primary caregiver, a role that greatly influences household health overall. Elder and long-term care issues affect women more often because they live longer; have higher rates of disability and chronic health problems.

Alternative ways to get Nutrition without eating Fruits and Vegetable

Eating fruits and vegetables is the most reliable way to maintain a healthy lifestyle. There are chances that your body doesn’t get all the nutrition from fruits and vegetables. But there are so many alternatives also.

This piece of write-up is all about fruits, vegetables, and other alternatives that you can have to get enough nutrients. Are you ready to take a ride to enhance your knowledge about nutrition you can get from fruits and vegetables?

How to Deal with Acne Breakouts in Monsoon ?

The primary reason for acne breakouts in the monsoon is the humidity in the air. The humidity in the air lends itself to several skin-related problems. Skin produces more sebum which makes your skin oily and therefore attracting bacteria and propagating its growth. The greasy surface also attracts dust and dirt which contribute to increased impurities in the skin. Excess sebum production also implies clogged pores; hence the skin releases all its toxins in
the form of acne breakouts.

How to cope up with Postpartum Depression?

Postpartum depression is a potentially serious mental health condition that new mommies experience. If you don’t tackle it on time, it can worsen the situation. It will be difficult for you to care for the baby. You can prevent postpartum depression to some extent. Accept yourself as a new mother. And feel proud for carrying new life for nine months and bringing them on this earth. Don’t hate your body but appreciate it.

5 Ways to Deal with Hair Fall in Monsoon

Seasons affect your hair just like they affect your body. When everything from your appetite to your immunity changes, it is bound to affect the skin and hair. Have you also noticed increased hair fall since the onset of the monsoon? Before you panic and look up why your hair fall has increased, give this article a read and check out the reason for your hair fall.