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5 Ways To Have Better Period Sex

Period sex is frowned upon by many. Although, if you are cringing about it you are only denying facts. Well, jokes aside, it is a fact that your hormones fluctuate throughout your menstrual cycle and that changes your libido too. The sex drive rises during the ovulation phase – meaning a couple of weeks before your period, and most women also report it to be high while on their period. So the only reason most people think it is inappropriate or unhealthy is only thinking about the period. 

To state the facts, contrary to popular belief, sex is pretty healthy and safe even while you are on period. Just because you are bleeding, doesn’t mean it is unsafe or unhealthy to have sex. In Having sex, while you are on your period, can help PMS. It helps with period pain and abdominal discomfort as well. Following are the benefits 

  • Relief from period pain and cramps
  • Shorter period
  • Increased sex drive
  • Relief from headache

Having sex while on your period is healthy and safe but we do agree that it can be a little messy, and awkward at times. Following are some tips to help you have better sex while you are on your period. 

  1. Talk to your partner. Having sex while on your periods sounds like a bloody mess, quite literally. Everything can be sorted by just talking things out. The same goes for sex. It might seem awkward to talk about it with your partner. It will make your sex life much more fun and pleasurable. Having sex while on your period means there will be blood all over you and your partner, this has to be discussed and your partygoers are on the same page as you. 
  2. Make sure you use protection. It sounds ironic to use protection when you just got confirmation for not being pregnant, but the human body is more complex than you think. The chances of conceiving as compared to the other menstrual cycle phases are feeble when you are on your period, but it does not rule the chance. So do use protection, a condom preferably while you are at it. This will also rule out the risk of STIs.
  3. Use a dark towel or piece of cloth. Having sex while on your period can be messy. There will be blood and bloodstains pretty much all over your bed. Anticipate that and use some dark-colored towels or any dark-colored piece of cloth on your bed. This will allow you to enjoy the sex and have fun without having to worry about the stains. You can also try having shower sex, it is different and will help you clean up better later.
  4. Make sure you remove menstrual products before you start making out. If you use a sanitary napkin, there is no issue. But if you are someone who prefers tampons or menstrual cups, make sure you remove them before making out, especially tampons. Having sex while wearing a tampon can be risky, it will push the tampon further inside and you will need a doctor to help you remove it. 
  5. Enjoy the process. Some positions may seem uncomfortable because the period makes you already uncomfortable. So abdominal discomfort and cramps may make some positions more uncomfortable. In such cases, be open to trying new ideas and positions like the big spoon position which can be comforting. There is no reason why you should not enjoy the process while you are on your period.

Being on your period is no reason to disturb your sex life. The key to better sex is these four points – communicate, use protection, use extra towels for bloodstains, remove menstrual products, and enjoy the sex. Communication is the most important of all. Oral sex is also not prohibited when you are on your period. If your partner is open to the idea, there is no reason why you should hold back. 

Speaking of period and the discomfort that it brings along, periods should not be all uncomfortable and painful. PMS can be aggravated because of inadequate nutrition as well. To control the symptoms, you must ensure a proper and healthy diet that meets your requirements each day. In case you experience symptoms like unexplained fatigue, feeling exhausted by the end of the day, or unhealthy hair and skin, these can be signs of an inadequate diet. To rule these out and to manage PMS better, try the Period Tea by andMe. A product that gives complete comfort during periods, which is best for period pain relief and also helps to get regular periods, better mood swings, reduces cramps, fatigue and bloating.. It is free from any chemical components and harmful preservatives. A one-stop solution for women’s health. Get yours today!


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