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Tips to improve Egg quality during Pregnancy

When women are trying to conceive, their egg quality matters. It believes that how many eggs women have left means their egg count is the first sign of their fertility. But that’s not true. It is just a part of the equation. 

Pregnancy depends on the egg quality. As the women’s age increases, egg quality starts declining. It is a natural process. You will be surprised to know that women are born with 1ā€“2 million eggs. There are two reasons for declining egg quality. Firstly, when women hit puberty, they start losing eggs every month. And at the age of 35, they have 6% of their remaining egg count. Secondly, with increasing age, egg quality starts decreasing.

All women have normal as well as some abnormal eggs. And the number of abnormal eggs increases with age. Most of the time, poor-quality eggs don’t fertilize. In case they do, it leads to miscarriage or some genetic disorders for the baby.

You can check how many eggs you have left with the fertility test. But not egg quality because there is no test to find out the egg quality.

There can be various reasons for not conceiving, and egg quality can be one of them. Do you know how to improve egg health? No? It’s ok. I will prepare a guide that will help you out in improving egg health.

Promote blood flow

You might not be aware, but oxygen flow to the ovaries is essential for the excellent quality of the egg. To increase the oxygen-rich blood flow to the ovaries, you can do the following:

  1. Drink around seven to eight glasses. Because of dehydration, the blood becomes thick, and its circulation in the body decreases.
  2. Exercise also helps to enhance blood flow in your body. If you are not much fond of exercise, then you go for massage therapy and yoga sessions. Massage therapy and yoga also increase the oxygen-rich blood flow.

Making a slight difference in your lifestyle today can make your egg quality better.

Have a nutritional diet

Your diet plays an imperative role in maintaining your overall health as well as egg quality. Whatever you are having or drinking, it is affecting your egg health. So think before you go to grab some junk food. 

If you are trying to be pregnant, eat nutritionally rich foods like fresh, fruit vegetables, fish, and whole grains. It will enhance fertility chances. Remember, everything that you eat will affect your eggs. So choose wisely. Also, avoid extreme bread, pasta, processed foods, and sugar-rich foods.


Besides this, there is one thing you should not forget. It’s your weight.

If you are underweight or overweight, it can reduce your chances to conceive. So healthy eating will help to maintain your required weight. 

Manage Stress

Stress management is crucial because stress can adversely affect egg quality. Indeed, stress can not cause infertility, but it can prevent the eggs from performing at their best level. 

When you are stressed, prolactin and cortisol hormones are released. There are chances that these hormones alter egg quality and even egg production. Try to be happy. Occupy yourself in the activities that you enjoy. Don’t indulge yourself too much in work. Take out some time to relax. You can do meditation and yoga also. We cannot stop stress completely, but we can manage it.

 Aromatherapy and massage can also help you to relieve stress.

Try Acupuncture 

For thousands of years, acupuncture has been used to regulate the female reproductive system.

If you want a healthy baby, you should have a healthy egg for that. One study says that acupuncture can enhance the quality of both egg and embryo. It results in the greater possibilities of a successful pregnancy. Acupuncture can promote the high-quality egg rate and high-quality embryo rates for women with infertility and energetic kidney (PCOS).

Along with this, acupuncture decreases anxiety and stress. Also, it improves blood flow to the ovaries and encourages your body to get rid of toxins.

Quit smoking

If you are a smoker or even smoke occasionally, then quit it as soon as possible. Smoking creates problems with getting pregnant. Research shows that long-term smoking can damage your ovaries, and it will be irreversible damage. Smoking releases toxic substances to a woman’s ovaries that can destroy the eggs and decrease their overall quantity. It creates difficulties in egg development also.

 Not only this, smoking reduces the level of Antimullerian hormone (AMH) levels, and the start of menopause is five years sooner. Some testimony also recommends that smoking makes embryo implantation more challenging. 

If you are contemplating getting pregnant, then stop smoking quickly and permanently. I understand quitting smoking can be very challenging. But you can take the help of a healthcare provider or any support group.

Take some supplements.

You can start taking fertility supplements to improve egg quality. But most of the supplements contain potent antioxidants. Instead of enhancing the quality, they degrade egg health. Before you start taking any supplement, consult with your doctor and also do some research yourself. Always go for clinically proven solid evidence to support claims and excellent ingredients quickly absorbed and processed by the body. Most of the supplements can be taken in oral form, but still, confirm your doctor. A high-quality fertility supplement allows your body to sustain its normal metabolic balance and increase the chance of getting pregnant. 

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If you are encountering hardship in getting pregnant, then egg quality can be the reason. Consult your doctor and start trying to improve your egg quality. Always remember, a healthy egg means a healthy baby.  


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