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Know the Right age to take Protein Supplements

Why should you worry about your protein intake? Protein is a crucial nutrient for all of us. If you think only athletes and bodybuilders require protein, then you are mistaken. Protein is present in every part of the body, like muscle, bone, skin, hair, etc.

You will be surprised to know that around 10,000 distinct proteins make you what you are. Also, protein keeps you that way.

Protein comes from numerous sources, including meat, milk, fish, soy, eggs, beans, legumes, and nut butter. After the digestion of protein, they leave amino acids behind, which your body needs. You require protein as per your body weight.

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Kids and teens usually get protein from their natural diet. But adults lack. It is due to their hectic lifestyle and imbalance between work and health. Some people feel hesitant to take protein supplements. Also, they are not sure what age-appropriate to take protein supplements is. If you are also wondering, this write-up is the right place to get your answers.  

This write-up will explain everything about proteins. You have to stick with this piece only. Are you excited? Let’s go!

Why is protein essential for your health?

Protein is a vital macronutrient that we all require for survival. You can’t survive without all nine essential amino acids. If you are not taking sufficient protein in your diet, it can result in various health issues. 

Here are some reasons to keep an eye on your protein intake:

  1.  Protein takes part in every cell function because it is an element of every cell in your body. Did you know that nails and hair are mostly built up of protein?
  2. Your body uses protein to build as well as repair tissues.
  3. Your body requires protein to make enzymes, hormones, as well as other chemicals.
  4. Protein is the foundation to build bones, muscles, cartilage, skin, and blood.
  5. Protein provides a source of energy.

How much protein do you require?

As per Dietary Reference Intake, a person requires 0.36 grams of protein per pound or 0.8 grams per kg) of body weight.

  1. The average sedentary man requires 56gm of protein per day.
  2. The average passive woman needs 46gm of protein per day.

It is the sufficient amount of protein you need to prevent protein deficiency. But the exact protein amount that you need depends on various things like activity level, age, muscle mass, strength goals, and overall health.

What is the right age to take protein supplements?

If you are wondering about the right age to start having protein supplements, here is the answer. There is no particular age called the right age to take protein supplements. It relies upon your daily protein requirement. And how much protein you are getting from a natural diet. Usually, the Indian food diet is a complete package of nutrients. If you are a gym lover, start doing strength training to increase muscular composition, then you need more protein than usual to build.

Supplements are not mandatory. Supplements should be taken only when your body cannot synthesize the required nutrients.

Why do men and women require protein supplements?

Protein supplements for men:

A man doing a sitting job and not much activity can fulfill his protein needs from the diet directly. But if you have started the gym and are lifting heavy to build muscles more than your present state, you need protein supplements. Your regular food will not meet the protein your body requires.

Remember, a protein supplement is required when you start doing workouts and heavy exercises or sports activities. Otherwise, it can lead to weight gain.

One study says that men and women consume between 10% to 35% of their total calories in protein. It can be not easy, especially for older adults. That’s why protein powders and shakes are an excellent idea to ensure you consume the correct amount of protein you require daily.

Protein supplements for women:

Whenever we hear the word protein, we start dreaming of a muscular man pumping dumbbells. But the truth is beyond that. Women require protein just like men do.

A woman passes through many phases in life. Due to various responsibilities, she forgets to take care of herself. After 30, the woman starts facing different health issues like hormonal imbalance, low energy, hair fall, PCOS, etc. It is all because of the deficiency of essential nutrients that her body required to stay healthy. Women need to give attention to their health.

 If you are not eating your meal correctly, you should add a high-quality protein supplement to your diet. It gives you energy all day long. Eating extra protein in snacks can feed the body to get through a challenging workout. Protein shakes are the easy way to get protein.

Nobody can deny that women’s nutritional and fitness wants are distinct. Not every woman wants huge muscle gains. Some women want to lose fat, gain muscle and look lean.

It has been observed that women are afraid to try protein supplements. They think that supplements will make them bulky, but it is not true. Protein is not only for building muscles only. Instead of bulky, women can use protein supplements to build lean muscle. Did you know that lean muscle makes the body look more robust and healthier? It is a misconception that protein will make women look overweight. 

You won’t become selfish if you start thinking of yourself. If you feel low all day and not eating correctly, it means you lack the right amount of protein.

It is imperative to know if your natural diet is fulfilling your protein needs or not. Otherwise, add protein supplements to your diet to satisfy your protein requirement. Protein supplements will help you to boost immunity, maintain your bone, hair, skin, and nails health. Remember, we all require protein to survive.

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                                        “It is time to choose the best for you.”


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