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Insulin Resistance and PCOS

What is PCOS?

Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is a common disorder caused by the imbalance of reproductive hormones. This hormonal imbalance creates problems in the ovaries. The ovaries release an egg every month for the continuation of a healthy menstrual cycle. Due to PCOS, the egg may not develop properly or it may not be released in a normal way during ovulation. PCOS can cause missed or irregular menstrual periods which in turn might lead to –

·       Infertility

·       Development of cysts in the ovaries

3 Main things to know –

·       The majority of women who suffer from PCOS have insulin resistance/ high insulin

·       High insulin can be called a symptom of PCOS as well as an underlying physiological driver

·       Testing for insulin resistance is very beneficial in canceling out other health conditions that might be misdiagnosed as PCOS

What is Insulin Resistance?

The pancreas, a gland in our abdomen, secretes insulin, a hormone that allows cells to absorb and use glucose. In normal cases when we consume food having carbohydrates, the glucose molecules enter into our blood within 15 minutes. Insulin allows cells in our body to take that glucose which is later used for energy.

People who have insulin resistance, their cells in the body are unable to use insulin effectively, leading to high glucose levels in the blood or low energy, or both. So, in simple words, Insulin Resistance will be that the body is resistant to the hormone insulin. This further causes the rise of blood sugar (glucose) in the body. Studies show that the driving forces behind insulin resistance include excess body weight, too much belly fat, a lack of exercise, smoking, and even skimping on sleep.

With the development of insulin resistance, the human body fights back by producing more insulin. After some time, the cells in the pancreas that were producing insulin become weak and cannot keep up with the demand of insulin production. This causes a rise in the blood sugar of the body and one can develop diseases like prediabetes, type 2 diabetes, or non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD).

What is the connection between PCOS & Insulin Resistance?

PCOS and Insulin Resistance share a strong bond. Insulin resistance is said to be the key feature for PCOS, obese and lean both. Elevated insulin levels may be a contributing factor to inflammation and other metabolic complications associated with PCOS. Insulin resistance is not the same for everyone. Some women dealing with insulin resistance might develop PCOS while some women don’t. According to experts, insulin resistance that is associated with obesity alters the function of the hypothalamus and pituitary gland in the brain. This in turn increases the production of androgenic hormones that contribute to PCOS.

According to research, it was noted that 70-95% of people with obese PCOS suffer from insulin resistance. In the case of lean PCOS, it was found that 30-75% of the people had insulin resistance. It is said that high insulin is a symptom of PCOS. But along with that high insulin is also a major driver of PCOS. High insulin can result in the weakening of the ovaries. It may also cause the ovaries to produce testosterone at an excess level.

Treatment –

Insulin resistance PCOS can be treated by few conventional methods. They include regular aerobic exercise, losing weight up to a desirable amount, and the diabetic drug known as metformin. Metformin improves insulin sensitivity. But metformin has side effects like nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, weakness or a metallic after taste in mouth and ultimately it is not a natural solution. A proper balanced and healthy diet is required too for people suffering from insulin resistance PCOS.

Is there any other healthy alternative?

There are multiple contraceptives, vitamins, pills, and tablets available for women with Insulin Resistance PCOS. Various therapies are available too in this regard. A daily exercise along with a balanced diet can do wonders for your body. The correct lifestyle can save you from the unwanted harm that PCOS can cause. Along with it keeping your body weight in check is very important. Apart from all that, a natural alternative is also available for women. This is one extremely healthy way of keeping insulin resistance at bay. You can promptly say goodbye to the artificial measures and the side effects caused by them. Inspired from Ayurveda, introducing to you andMe PCOS PCOD Drink. This drink is made specifically keeping in mind the ingredients important for a healthy insulin resistance PCOS diet. andMe PCOS PCOD Drink helps our consumers, the women in multiple ways.

Let us see what they are. First, this drink helps the consumers in keeping the bodily hormones in a balanced way. Secondly, this drink will regularize your period providing 30% of daily nutrition to the body. Third, this drink will also help you manage that weight gain. PCOS can give you acne which is very difficult to deal with. Fourth, this drink will also help you in reducing acne. The drink is also known to help women boost their energy levels. andMe PCOS PCOD drink is providing just the right amount of ingredients and in just the right amount of quantity. For getting the daily nutrition, you just have to consume 1 bottle of it per day. For best results, it is advised to consume this drink for at least 3-6 months. This drink can be termed as the best food for Insulin Resistance PCOS. The product doesn’t make claims without proof. It has been tested with real consumers. With the positive feedback of the consumers, it is recorded that andMe PCOS PCOD Drink works. I can gladly say that this product is natural and has no side effects. The andMe PCOS PCOD drink has zero preservatives and no added sugar. By far it is one of the best natural ways to control Insulin Resistance PCOS.


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