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How to Deal with Infertility without Affecting your Relationship ?

The goal of a relationship might not be of having kids, but having the option open is definitely something that matters and can change the relationship. While most couples assume that their relationship will result in pregnancy, very few couples actually think about the chances of infertility and prepare for it. Especially with the increasing number of cases of PCOS, the graph of infertility cases is reaching the skies. 

Does infertility affect relationships?

Infertility can be a real-time test for a couple. It is a test for that individual as well as for the couple together. It can have a much deeper impact on people than one can think of. Relationships are built on efforts from two people. It takes effort, it needs to be worked on every single day. A turn like infertility can test every effort they might have put in the relationship, in the marriage. Couples who survive and pass this test, thrive through life peacefully, together. 

Here are some ways to cope up with infertility

Give yourself the time to grieve

Infertility is a lot to deal with. Although it depends on every individual, it comes with grief. Don’t try to overlook that part and rush into being ‘normal’ or happy again. It is okay to be in pain, it is okay to be hurt, it is only natural. Accept this and give yourself the time to grieve. It will only help to get through this phase and test. 

Talk about it 

Infertility might be difficult for your partner to deal with more than you can think of. So in such cases, make sure that you talk about it, lessen the grief by discussing, checking in on one another, and make sure you talk the problems out. Getting to know about this can come as a shock in some cases. This is the real test of the couple and their relationship. So it is crucial for them to be there for each other and deal with this together. 

Allow and respect breathing space

Even though this is a test as a couple, it can impact each individual in a different way and intensity. It is as important to give each other some space and time as it is to be together in this. Respect each other’s space and the time that they need to cope up with this individually. Do lend a hand, but let your partner have an option of doing this on their own. 

Learn about alternative options

Infertility means you cannot conceive. However, it does not mean you can never have kids. Explore the possible options like IVF and adoption. Look at the positive side and the fact that you can still become parents by other means. It is not completely the same, but you still get to become parents and that is no less. Talk to each other and consult a gynaecologist to know your possible options and chances. 

Keep the spark alive

Infertility does not mean the end of a relationship. The foundation of a relationship is much stronger than these tests of life. Remember, it becomes even more important to support each other, to let each other know that you are there and nothing has changed in this case. Not being able to conceive does not mean the romance should die down, it does not mean the spark should die. Work on romance, work on intimacy and keep your sex life as is. 

Explore ways of coping and seek help in time if required 

Sometimes, you might need a hand when it comes to coping with this situation. At such times, make sure you explore options as a couple. May that be talking to your friends or family regarding this or even to your doctor. There are various support groups that help you through this phase. It can be difficult to deal with this as a couple and there are several problems that can arise, at such times, if it takes too long for you to come out of it, it is advisable to go for counseling. It helps in coping with infertility as a couple and helps you to get back to a normal life. 

Although the rate of infertility is rising, it is still a shock, a test for couples in their relationship. The chances of it affecting your relationship are high and may take a lot to cope up with. But the most important thing is how you deal with it as a couple. To be together and still respect each other’s space is what counts. 

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