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How to Deal with Acne Breakouts in Monsoon ?

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Monsoon happens to be a lot of people’s favorite weather. One can sit on the balcony all day and enjoy the light winds blowing along with the rains, the fresh smell of damp mud, a hot cup of tea, and great food to accompany. Sounds ideal right? This is only until our bubble bursts and we realize that while the feeling of monsoon is amazing, our skin is not having such a great time coping with this season. Many people experience increased acne/pimple
breakouts during the monsoon as opposed to any other season. Well, you’ve found yourself at just the right place for that. Before we delve into what can be done to tackle this issue, we need to understand the reason for it.

What causes acne breakouts in monsoon ?

The primary reason for acne breakouts in the monsoon is the humidity in the air. The humidity in the air lends itself to several skin-related problems. Skin produces more sebum which makes your skin oily and therefore attracting bacteria and propagating its growth. The greasy surface also attracts dust and dirt which contribute to increased impurities in the skin. Excess sebum production also implies clogged pores; hence the skin releases all its toxins in
the form of acne breakouts. Having said that, over-cleansing to keep away the dirt is not the option as over-cleansing leads to dryness, and therefore more sebum production to counter that. Now that we know the root cause, let’s take a look at some tips to help with it.

Simple remedies to deal with monsoon acne breakouts :

1) The Holy Trinity: The combination of neem, turmeric, and milk has been used in Ayurveda for ages to treat skin problems. For monsoon breakouts just make a paste of few neem leaves along with some turmeric and milk and apply it on the affected areas and watch your acne disappear. The logic behind it is that Neem has great antioxidant properties which help with evening out skin tone, reducing blemishes and redness, etc. Turmeric is primarily an anti-inflammatory that helps soothe skin after breakouts. It is also an anti-bacterial which helps keep bacteria at bay. Milk has lactic acid which is a great collagen booster and hence helps revive the glow which was lost due to breakouts. You can also use neem in other ways like coconut/almond oil to help with
acne and pimples.

2) Steaming: Steaming your face once a day in the monsoon is very helpful. It helps open up clogged pores and minimize acne and blackheads. It allows room to release the acne/pimple from its root.

3) Sugar and Honey: This is probably the easiest remedy as it can be made super quickly with just things available at your house. Mix 1 tbsp of honey with 3-4 tbsp of brown sugar and lightly scrub it all over your face and let that sit for 15 mins. Then wash it off. This works wonders because the sugar acts as an exfoliator and opens up clogged pores. It also deeply cleanses the skin of any dirt/impurity. Honey is a super ingredient as it has antibacterial and antiseptic properties which help heal the breakouts quickly. Honey is also a natural humectant, so it helps keep the skin to stay moist but not oily. It is the best ingredient recommended for people with oily/acne-prone skin.

4) Potatoes: Potatoes and monsoon seem to go hand in hand. We love our aloo bhaji and Vada pav in the rains but little did we know that the humble aloo can also help with acne breakouts in the monsoon. For this remedy just cut a few thin slices of potatoes and apply it to the affected areas or extract the juice from a potato and use it all over your face. This remedy is successful because, One, the starch from the potato helps soothe inflammation and absorb oil, and two, potatoes are rich in vitamin C, they can help minimize the risk of developing dark spots as the pimple/ acne resolves.

5) Wash your face regularly: While it is advised that you don’t over-cleanse it is important to wash your face every time you come home from anywhere. This will help wash off the dirt/dust at the earliest before the impurities can enter your skin through the pores and cause breakouts. Remember to lightly pat dry your face instead of scrubbing the towel harshly.

Apart from these remedies, it is also important to include healthy fruits and vegetables in your diet to repair your skin from within. Drinking a lot of water is also one of the best things you can do to keep your skin clean and glowing. Having said all of this, please keep in mind that acne/breakout, whether or not seasonal, is completely normal and you don’t have to beatyourself up about it. Don’t let it dictate your confidence in any way.

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