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How to be a part of your Mother’s Menopause Experience?

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Have you seen hot flashes, sleepless nights, and unusual weight gain in your mother in the past few months? Is your mom freaking out without reason? Well, the real culprit behind this is menopause.

Our mothers are the foundation of our life. She loves us selflessly, no matter how old we might get.

Menopause stops the monthlies in women. But it opens the doorway for various hormonal changes. You can observe the menopause symptoms in your mother also.

What happened in the past? Women were suffering alone during the menopause phase because nobody is vocal about menopause. Now the time has changed a little bit. But we all need to learn more. 

The gynaecologist can assist your mother in dealing with the side effects of menopause. But have you ever thought about that, Mom! She has given everything. But are we helping with her in Menopause time? Menopause is a roller coaster ride for her. She might not say a word. But trust me, she needs you the most in this phase of life.

It would be great if you are there for her to help her through this distressing time. You cannot help her without proper knowledge of menopause. 

 What menopause is and how to tackle its symptoms, you need to learn everything about it. After all, it is for your mom!

What is Menopause?

Menopause means ovaries no longer able to release an egg every month. It is the end of a women’s monthlies. It is a natural part of ageing. Mostly it happens after the age of 40. But sometimes, it happens before 40. There could be various reasons for premature menopause-like ovaries removal, damage to ovaries due to chemotherapy, etc.

What are the symptoms of menopause?

It is necessary to identify the symptoms of menopause. Women will have hot flashes. Hot flashes are the unexpected feelings of warmness that spread over the upper body.

Women can experience the following:

Besides these symptoms, there are other signs also, that you shouldn’t ignore:

  1. The woman can feel tired most of the time.
  2. She can slip into depression also.
  3. Joint and muscle pain are typical in menopause.
  4. Women can gain weight without reason.
  5. Hair starts falling out.
  6. There can be changes in sex drive.

Keep these symptoms in mind. If you notice any symptoms in your mamma, talk to her. And assure her that you will help her.

A guide to deal with the menopause symptoms:

Track your mother’s menopause symptoms

Keeping a check on the symptoms will help you tackle the stressful situation of menopause. Talk to your mother, make her understand the menopause symptoms. Also, ask to maintain a diary. If you’re wondering why the tracking of menopause symptoms is necessary, then here are the reasons.

a) Tracking helps to know the pattern of symptoms. While tracking symptoms, some women discovered that they have hot flashes at night only. Some women encounter irritability closer to the beginning of their menstrual cycle. On the other hand, some women face irritability toward the end of their menstrual cycle. Everybody is different, so the pattern of symptoms.

b) Tracking helps to spot new symptoms. Numerous menopausal women will experience new menopausal symptoms throughout their hormone shifts.

c) Tracking helps to decide what step you should take next. It will help to understand where you require adjustment in your daily routine so that you can easily cope up with your symptoms. If you are prepared for new changes, it will be less shocking for you.

 Be ready to tackle hot flashes:

A slight rise in your body’s core temperature can cause hot flashes. 

It is a common symptom of menopause. 

Here are some tips for handling hot flashes:

  1. Be in cool places. If your room temperature is not cool enough, then turn on the air conditioner, install a fan. You can buy a cooling gel pad to lie on or open a window.
  2. Keep a check on your food intake. Avoid consuming those food items that increase your body temperature. You should avoid spicy foods, caffeinated beverages, high-fat and high-sugar diets, and alcohol. These foods trigger hot flashes.
  3. Your mommy needs “me time,” too. Give her some time to do exercise, yoga, or meditation. Would you mind joining her and making this time more enjoyable? Because these stress reduction techniques may reduce the recurrence of hot flashes. 
  4. You can try the “Black cohosh” herb for your mom. This herb is well known for treating hot flashes and other menopausal symptoms. You can take it as a capsule form or add in a tea.

Ensure that your mom eats right

Diet plays an essential role in managing menopause symptoms. Make sure that your mom is eating the right food. Here is a list of foods to eat and to avoid:

a) Foods to eat: You can eat the following food items.

  1. Eggs: Eggs have a lot of vitamin D and iron. Women lack these nutrients.
  2. Broccoli: It will leave a positive effect on your mom’s estrogen levels.
  3. Whole grains: Whole grains have fiber, plant protein as well as vitamin B. It will keep your mother energetic.
  4. Yogurt: Yogurt has calcium, vitamin D, and protein. It will help to promote sleep quality.
  5. Green leafy vegetables: Green leafy veggies contain calcium, magnesium, potassium, B vitamins, and fiber. Menopausal women require these nutrients.
  6. Chicken: It helps to increase your protein intake without eating too much saturated fat.
  7. Green Tea: It promotes longevity. It decreases the chance of several cancers and inflammation. It has other health benefits also like heart health.
  8. Flaxseeds: They are full of omega-3s, fiber, phytoestrogens, and B vitamins. As per a study, regular consumption of flax seeds reduces menopause symptoms. 
  9. Oatmeal: Oatmeal has various health benefits like preventing diabetes, high cholesterol, weight gain, inflammation, and constipation. You can have oatmeal with other foods like berries, flax, and yogurt.
  10. Salmon: It is a superb source of vitamin D and omega-3 fats. These nutrients are required to manage menopause symptoms. 
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b) Food to avoid: Your mom should avoid caffeine, tobacco, alcohol, fatty foods, and hot chocolate also.

Keep your mom stress-free

It is your responsibility to check on your mom if she is happy or not. Please make sure that any stress doesn’t bother her. Always try to create a comfortable environment around her. It would be best if you indulge her in some activity. For instance, dance classes or painting classes, whatever she desired. Remember, if you manage the stress during menopause, then half the fight is won.

Make her feel special

Moms are special. Then, why can we not make her feel special every day? It is crucial to let her know that we admire each moment spent with her. Small gestures like breakfast in bed for her, taking her out, planning spa days will make your mom feel special.

Menopause is a phase, and it will pass out. But surrounding your mother with love, attention and fun, will make it easy for her to pass this phase. Talk with your mom about menopause and its symptoms. Communication can help to enhance the knowledge and understanding about menopause. Tell your mom that menopause doesn’t have to be an exasperating process suffered alone. You are with her.

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Don’t forget to share your experience with your mates. Let their mammas feel special like yours.

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