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PCOS Powder: The All New PCOS Drink


Our company andMe, embarked on this journey of catering to women’s health needs 3.5 years ago and one of the first products we launched was andMe’s PCOS drink.

This choice was made because PCOS/PCOD is one of the most common disorders in women but still there was little to no light thrown on how to manage PCOS/PCOD. It is a well-known fact that PCOS/PCOD cannot be cured but it can be managed efficiently by combining different ingredients that tackle different symptoms of the disorder.

The PCOS drink by andMe did just that and helped thousands of women effectively deal with the disorder. A lot of you have been asking us to change packaging and make it more cost effective and environment friendly. Here’s the news,


As a company that strives to constantly improve and put out better products for consumers, andMe identified some areas where the PCOS drink was lacking and decided to counter that. Introducing to you the All New andMe PCOS Drink in a Powder Format!

What’s new in the PCOS Powder Drink?

For You:

  • Improved functionality with Inositol & Green Tea
  • Reduced Cost (Rs.2550, NOW Rs.999 for 40 days pack)
  • Consume it the way you like
  • Super convenient to carry

For the Environment:

  • Reduced plastic wastage
  • Reduced transportation wastage

For Us:

  • Simplifying PCOS further for you with improved benefits

What’s new about the andMe’s PCOS drink? 

Apart from changing the format from liquid to powder, the new PCOS drink has some added benefits.

andMe has included Chromium, Inositol and Vitamin B8 in the new product, all of which contribute to insulin resistance. Insulin levels is one of the most important parts of managing PCOS. Insulin controls the glucose levels in the body and hence is directly responsible for issues with weight management and energy.

These new nutrients help with insulin resistance. Apart form this, the new product retains all good things from the previous format like hormonal balance, regularized periods and reduced body hair and acne. Another one of our favourite features is that it comes in a delicious mixed berry flavour which makes for a refreshing drink which is healthy and beneficial. It has no added sugar, flavour or preservatives. 

andMe’s previous PCOS drink was priced at Rs 2,500 for a pack of 30 bottles, but the andMe PCOS drink powder form comes with 40 servings in one box which is priced at Rs 999 only. That is simply more bang for your buck, and who doesn’t love that. 

How to consume andMe’s new PCOS drink?

  1. Add one scoop of andMe PCOS drink powder to your shaker or glass
  2. Add 150 ml of water of any temperature, but tastes best when water is cold.
  3. Shake/ stir till powder dissolves and enjoy. 
  4. Consume regularly for 3-6 months and notice the difference.

When we committed to catering to women’s health needs, we wanted to make the best products for consumers and if that requires constant learning and growing, so be it. With the new PCOS drink we have kept all the good things that the previous product had to offer and added new ingredients to make it a better version. Also changing the format from liquid to powder has made the product more economical as you get more servings for a lesser price and resolves the biggest issue of stocking up our product. The new andMe PCOS drink can be stored comfortably for up to 12 months. So, if you loved the andMe’s previous PCOS drink then go ahead and try the newer, improved version. We promise it won’t disappoint!

This is what our happy customer who tried andMe PCOS Powder has to say:

Manage PCOS PCOD naturally with andMe PCOS Drink. This drink is made with all the ingredients that are important for a healthy PCOS Diet. It helps in balancing hormones in women, regularizes periods, manages weight gain due to pcos and helps reduce acne. It also helps in boosting energy levels. No preservatives and no added sugar. 

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