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What is the best vegan alternative for Fish Omega?

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It’s a known, tried and tested fact that fatty acids are great for the human body. Specifically, Omega-3 fatty acids is considered as vital for each individual cell in the body. Studies show that Omega-3 fatty acids are also an energy source and help keep your heart, lungs, blood vessels, and immune system working the way they should. The two most crucial forms of Omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA are primary found in fish and algae. This is why fish oil capsules are considered the best supplement in the market for Omega-3 fatty. But what about vegetarians or vegans who refrain from consuming fish or fish products? Most people’s diet is inadequate to cater to the body’s Omega-3 fatty acid needs but vegetarians/vegans suffer the most. Veganism is quickly becoming a widely popular lifestyle and hence many manufacturers are coming up with vegan supplements for many health requirements and Omega-3 fatty acids is one of them. In this blog we are going to take a look some of the best vegan Omega-3 fatty acid supplements currently available in the market.

Vegan Omega-3 fatty acid supplements

Flora’s Udo oils are popular for many vegan supplements but mainly for Omega 3-6-9. Their blend is completely plant-based and organic. The key ingredients of their blends are unrefined oils like flax, sunflower, sesame, evening primrose, coconut, rice bran, and many more. 

Nu tru’s Omega-3 supplement is derived from rich algae oils and hence is completely plant based. It has both the crucial components, EPA and DHA. The nutritious oil within the plant-based capsules is processed through a process called micro-culturing. The company is also known to be an environment conscious company.

Although Nordic Naturals does have fish oil Omega-3 capsules and is not a completely vegan company, the Nordic Naturals Algae Omega-3 supplement is considered one of the bests in the market. The Algae Omega-3 supplement is vegan and vegetarian certified and is made from sustainably sourced micro-algae. It is also one of the higher doses offering substitutes in the market.

Garden of Life’s Minami Algae Omega-3 capsules is one of the signature products of the brands vegan portfolio. The capsule mainly focuses on the DHA compound of the fatty acid. The supplement is made of vegan marine-algae. The company is also known for its transparency in terms of the ingredients used in each supplement product so that the customer is fully aware about what they are consuming. 


Barlean’s Organic Oils Total Omega Swirl Vegan is one of the most unique supplements in the market due to its form. It does not come in a capsule form; it is a fruit smoothie like product. The supplement is made of a vegan oil blend and fruits. Its taste and texture are what stand out. The Omega Swirl is perfect for the whole family as it fits right for kids who cannot eat capsules yet or don’t like the oily taste of Omega-3 capsules.


The vegan Omega-3 supplement market is not as big in India as it is in some other counties. Consequently, many of these products are very expensive in India as they have to shipped from other countries. However, this is slowly changing now as there are companies in India which are starting to develop vegan substitutes for supplements, keeping in mind that India is one of the countries that has a large population of vegetarians. (You can insert your product promotion here)

Dietary Supplements for Omega-3

As we have already mentioned the average diet is not enough to cater to the body’s Omega-3 fatty acid needs, so more often than not, supplements are mandatory. Having said that if you are vegetarian or vegan there are some foods which you can include in your diet in order to up you Omega-3 content.

Like all other nutrients Omega-3 fatty acids also have important functions to perform for your body hence making sure that your body gets the required amount is very important. As a consumer it is your responsibility to look into the ingredients that have gone into making the product and whether the vegan substitution ingredient used is actually useful or just a fad created in order to cater to the wider audience. With the ever-changing times, going Vegan is now easier than ever before, so you could definitely consider doing it. It causes no harm to your body and no harm to the environment. 

andMe has launched their very own Women’s Omega 3-6-9 Capsules specially designed for women to improve brain & heart health, make bones stronger and thus give relief from joint pain, provide healthy hair and glowing skin, improve vision and prevents eye damage. It is made with 100% cold pressed flaxseed extracts which are the source of DHA (docosahexaenoic acid). Best Vegetarian Alternative to Fish Oil.

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