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7 Ways to Self-care during pandemic

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The global pandemic hit us hard, not only physically but mentally too. As the global COVID-19 pandemic continues, we are stuck at home once again. Our new way of living poses a unique set of difficulties for all of us. You may be feeling uneasy or disturbed. But we have to do it. But how can you be able to pass this phase? How can you save yourself when everything is terrible happening around you?

The only answer to these questions is self-care. Self-care is not selfish. It is a way to deal with the deadly virus dancing around us. It is a period of unimaginable anxiety and stress. But if you concentrate on the things that make you feel cherished, it would be easy to get out of anxiety and stress.

Self-care involves countless practices that will improve your physical, emotional, mental health. Do you want to know about these self-care practices?. If yes, then you are in the correct spot. The list of “7 Ways to Self-care during a Pandemic” is here for you to fight back COVID-19. Are you excited to beat this deadly virus? I’m sure you are. Let’s dive in to read more about self-care.

Try to stay active

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Staying home does not mean eating and sleeping only. Staying active all day keeps your physical as well as mental health on point. And reduce the risk of catching COVID-19. There are so many home workouts that you can do to stay active. You can take help from Youtube and other workout apps.

  1. Yoga: Yoga is the best way to stay active. 20 to 30 minutes of yoga is enough to keep you engaged and healthy.
  2. Knee pushups: You don’t require any equipment to do knee push ups. It will mount strength before trying a standard push up.
  3. Chair Squats: In case you are a beginner, chair squats are good for you. Squats strengthen your legs and core, which will make daily movements more effortless. 
  4. Household work:  Household chores are the best way to keep you active. It will also help you to be in shape. You can do mopping, washing clothes etc.

Eat properly.

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The second tip that I have added to the list is eating correctly. We required nutrition to get the energy. Healthy eating boosts our immune system too. And let me tell you one thing your immunity can save you from COVID-19. We require vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin E, Vitamin B, and proteins to survive in the pandemic. It would be best if you try tasty, healthy food recipes at home. Because nothing is better than the yummiest homemade meal. Also, cooking food can be a stress buster therapy for some people. Specific foods can have a stress-reducing force. It not only boosts your immunity but will uplift your mood too. You can have warm foods like soup or tea and food with the omega-3s in fatty fish. At this moment, it’s essential to go easy on yourself and to take out time for self-care, especially for women.

Prioritize your sleep

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When it comes to self-care, sleep holds a vital spot. You require enough good-quality sleep of around eight hours. You might be wondering how sleep affects immunity? Let me explain it to you. As per the research of sleep science, consistent sleep boosts the immune system and has a balanced and effective immune function. And people with a lack of sleep get sick after being exposed to a virus-like COVID-19.

When the body fights with viruses and eradicates pathogens by hitting the immune system into high power, it means the body has left with less energy. When you are sick, good sleeping hours help you heal the body and save energy to fight against diseases. Sleep disruption and poor sleep can make the immune system more sensitive to infectious illnesses. It is a testing time for all of us, but understanding the importance of small things can help us pass this phase. So always prioritize your sleep.

Identify Your Signs of Stress

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Stress is different for everyone. It is essential to know about yourself. When you’re feeling burdened or overwhelmed and how you are responding to micro habits. Some people are addicted to news channels; later, they get stressed by knowing about the various things happening around them. What to do in those cases? If you know that such news makes you feel stressed out, you should avoid watching them.  

When your stress and anxiety are high, close your eyes, take deep breaths because taking a moment to pause can encourage you to focus back on the present moment. You can try meditation and various breathing exercises. Breathing exercises help to increase oxygen intake and relax your body and mind. You can go for a short walk to get some fresh air. You will feel calm and relaxed.

Make a bond with your body and understand when you need a pause and restart again.

Personal Hygiene

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It is crucial to keep your personal hygiene in this period. Always clean your hands when you do dome activity. Simple personal hygiene measures can help protect from COVID-19.

  1. Try not to touch your face.
  2. Always try to cover your mouth and nose with your tissue or elbow when coughing or sneezing. Dispose of used tissue quickly.
  3.  Regularly, wash hands with soap and water for 20-30 seconds. 
  4. If you are using a hand sanitizer, make sure it has at least 60% alcohol. Also, cover your complete hands and rub them together for 20-30 seconds until your hands feel dry. 
  5. Always clean your house with disinfectant. It will reduce the risk of infection.
  6. Remove shoes when you enter your home.
  7.  Change your clothes into washed clothes when you come back home after being in crowded places.

Try to reach out to your near dear ones

I understand that social distancing is essential to stay safe in this pandemic. But reaching out over calls and video calls is not harmful. Activate your support channels if you haven’t yet because it is the right time. It is imperative to stay in touch, know how they are doing, and tell how you are doing. Someone may be going through a challenging phase and wanted to pour their heart out. Be a support system to them. If you need mental support or any other support, don’t hesitate to ask for it. It’s is your responsibility to take care of yourself.

Start learning something new

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Sometimes we wanted to do something new like playing the guitar or doing a painting. Due to lack of time, it never happens. Now’s a fabulous time to make a start. YouTube has a tutorial of everything. You can learn anything from there.

Duolingo is an outstanding free language learning program you can use from your computer or phone if you are fascinated to learn a new language. You can also learn dance from the various YouTube dance channels. You can start any activity that keeps you engaging all day and adds something valuable to your life.

These self-care tips are easy to follow. If you are doing self-care activities and still feel stressed. You think you are having more bad days than good ones; things are going wrong more frequently than they are going right; feeling low all the time, you must consult with your doctor.

                                          “Never take yourself for granted.”

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