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5 Easy ways to boost immunity

In this pandemic, the thing that can help you to survive is your immunity. A good immunity can protect you from contracting COVID-19. You might be scratching your head; why am I stressing the word “Immunity?” Why is it so important? Immunity is the capability of our body to oppose harmful microorganisms. It protects our body from outside enemies, such as bacteria, viruses, fungi, etc. In current times, boosting your immune system may also give you an edge in staying away from the deadly virus.

Our body comprises different components like skin, blood, tissues, organs and bone marrow. Each body element needs to work systematically to protect your body against various dangerous bacteria and viruses.  

Did you know that our everyday lifestyle habits influence the tendency of the immune system to fight off an infection or illness? Yes, it is true and it is essential to keep your immunity strong. Here is list of “ 5 Easy ways to boost immunity”. Let’s dive in to know more about ways to boost immunity.

  1. Eat Healthy food
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As per studies, healthy guts means healthy you. 80% of your immune system is in the gut, when your gut health is good, we can fight off infections quicker and better.

The one way to boost your immune system is to eat healthily. It would be best if you watched your diet, what are you taking in a whole day.

When your mom scolds and tells you to eat fruits and vegetables, then listen to her. Good nutritional food is the passkey to unlock a strong immune system.  

A healthy diet can help you assure you’re getting adequate amounts of micronutrients and boosting your immune system. A healthy diet includes the following:

  1. Protein: You can get protein in eggs, chicken, soya milk, yogurt, Oats, broccoli, pumpkin seed, sweet potato.
  2. Vitamin C: Kiwi, lemon, strawberries, papayas spinach are the rich source of vitamin C.
  3. Vitamin B: From leafy greens, roasted soy nuts, chickpeas, green peas, sprouts, yogurt, milk, you can get different types of vitamin B. 
  4. Vitamin E: Sunflower, safflower, soybean oil, olive oil, Almonds, Peanuts, green leafy vegetables are rich sources of vitamin E.
  5. Vitamin A: Carrot, sweet potato, papaya, spinach, tomato juice, broccoli, black-eyed peas are the rich sources of vitamin A.

2. Get enough sleep

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You might not be aware that an adequate amount of sleep helps to boost your immune system. Sleep is like a healing process of the body. The adult body requires 8 hours of sleep. It lessens the stress and provides physical stress to the body. And these both things are essential to staying healthy.

When you are sleeping, several activities occur in your body, even if you don’t realize it. One study found that a sound sleep of 8 hours increases T cells, or you can also call them immune cells. These immune cells protect your body and fight off against bacteria and viruses. 

It would be best if you didn’t underrate the importance of sleep. Because if you are taking less than seven to eight hours of sleep daily, then you can have to face its consequences. What can happen if you are not taking enough sleep? You will be more prone to illnesses, and the level of stress hormone will increase in the body. You can have other problems like a bad mood, unstable blood sugar, inflammation, blood pressure, insulin resistance, weight gain, cortisol, and cardiovascular disease.

We are so busy with indoor and outdoor chores that we forget that our system needs proper rest to bounce back with the same energy.

3. Do some workout 

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A daily workout can help to make your immune system strong. It helps to improve heart health and defends a person’s body from diseases.

There are umpteen theories that explain how exercise boosts your immune system. Let’s have a look into a few.

  1. The first theory says that a workout like running may help flush bacteria out of the lungs and airways. And the chances of getting a cold, flu, or other illness reduces to a great extent.
  2. Regular exercise reduces the production of stress hormones in the body. Stress hormones make our immunity weak, which means lower stress hormones lead to fewer chances of getting ill. 
  3. There is another theory related to body temperature. This theory says that body temperature during and right after exercise is high, preventing bacteria from spreading.

Which exercises can you do to boost your immune system?

  1. You can brisk walk or jog for 15 to 30 minutes.
  2. You can be cycling with your friends.
  3. If you love to dance, then you can choose dance as your physical activity.
  4. If you are a gym lover, then you can go to the gym.

Workout makes you feel energetic and releases a happy hormone to uplift your mood.

4. Stay Hydrated

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Water can be proved phenomenal to your body, mainly when it serves as an immune system booster. Water is an essential part of our life, and it plays a role in supporting the immune system. Did you know that there is a fluid in your circulatory system that carries infection-fighting immune cells (T cells) throughout your body? Yes, you read it right.

A hydrated body naturally eliminates the bacteria and toxins that cause infection. What else water does in the human body? It distributes oxygen and nutrients to different body’s cells, which leads to the proper functioning of the body. Also, it flushes out the waste material from the body.

A person should drink almost eight glasses of water. You might find it challenging, but there is a way to fulfil your daily water needs. You can try lemon water or fruit juice to keep yourself hydrated.  

5. Say no to stress

The level of stress affects our mental as well as physical health. Whether stress comes on quickly or builds over time, you need to understand that it is suppressing your immune system and your body is more susceptible to infection or illness.

Stress is varied from person to person and has a different way to deal with it. Let me share some practices with you. 

  1. Do some exercises, because it will release happy hormones in your body and help to reduce the level of stress.
  2. Always avoid information overload because your body can be stuck on stressful information.
  3. Meditating is the best way to relieve stress. It also helps to improve the state of mind, physical well-being, quality of life, and self-awareness.
  4. When you feel stressed out, try to do some activity that calms you down.
  5. Always celebrate the small positive changes that you make every day. It will also reduce your stress.

I’m sure you have read the entire piece and fully understood how we could boost our body’s defense system. Whether you are young or old, keep your lifestyle healthy. Your immune system will support your body and fight off infections with the best of them. Along with these tips, you can also limit your added sugar intake and eat whole plant foods.

Put your health in the first place; otherwise, your health will put you at last. 

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