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5 Probiotics for Women available in India: Review and Analysis

With so much information available on the internet, we’ve all heard that probiotics are really good for health, especially for women. But what are probiotics, why are they considered good and are good quality probiotics available in India? This is your one stop shop for all those answers. 

What are probiotics?

Probiotics are live microorganism which are also know as “good bacteria”. The human body already has trillions of bacteria which perform important functions. Probiotics are said to carry some these bacteria as well. Probiotic bacteria helps these innate bacteria survive when there is an attack from external harmful bacteria, specially in the digestive and vaginal system.

Why are probiotics considered good for health?

Probiotics supplement the natural beneficial bacteria in the body, potentially improving health. Studies have shown that Probiotics help immune function, digestion and nutrition absorption. They have also been examined in how they help manage digestive discomforts, reduce colic symptoms and eczema in infants, and decrease the risk or duration of common infections, including those of the respiratory tract and gut. Analysis have also showed that probiotics might inhibit the growth of bacteria associated with bacterial vaginosis and help maintain a bacterial balance in the vaginal area.

Top 5 Probiotics for women in India

  1. Billioncheers Probiotics for women:

Billioncheers is considered one of the best probiotics available in India as, it helps to promote healthy vaginal flora, healthy vaginal pH, immune support, digestion and feminine health. Each probiotic capsule contains 50 billion CFUs of three vaginal specific probiotic strains and 50mg of cranberry extract, which naturally contains Proanthocyanidins (PACs). Cranberries extract support your urinary tract health. It helps manage UTIs.  It is also a vegan probiotic capsules with no: dairy, soy and gluten.

2. Jarrow Dophilus women, Vaginal Probiotic:

The Jarrow Dophilus has proven to help restore healthy vaginal flora and promotes urinary tract health. It claims to be the only true women’s probiotic with four strains resident in the healthy vaginal tract jarro-dophilus women combines the most prevalent vaginal lactobacilli species and has been clinically shown to be effective at 5-10 billion to help restore healthy vaginal flora. undesirable bacteria do not thrive in an acidic environment. jarro-dophilus, creates a mildly acidic and healthier microbial environment.

3. She Need:

Track UTI has a special probiotic formula that seeks to deliver essential bacterial for the body and gut. The track UTI pills keeps the gut and vaginal tract clean and healthy. It prevents any yeast infections, urinary tract infections and BV. The supplement helps balance yeast and bacteria for a balanced vaginal flora. The supplement acts according to the hormone changes and treats the inflection

4. BoldFit Probiotics:

Probiotics 30 Billion is packed with ingredients which may help improve digestion and immunity. Probiotics can help the body relieve form gas, bloating and heaviness. The probiotic also offers 16 of the most beneficial strains of good bacteria to help promote optimal health benefits. This probiotic also claims to  support nutrient absorption which may help improve your gut health and digestion. A healthier gut can also help in weight loss.

5. Garden of Life, Raw Probiotics Vaginal care:

This probiotic has 38 Probiotic strains for vaginal flora balance and urinary tract. It also helps maintain the health lacto and bifido probiotics to support vaginal health. The product promises 50 billion live probiotic cultures in a convenient once daily serving.

Probiotics are usually safe for everyone and do not have any side effects but if you have a sensitive system then consulting your medical expert would be a good option. You can also look into foods that provide natural Probiotics like sauerkraut, yoghurt etc. 

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