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Hormonal imbalance in women

Have you ever thought of analyzing your body? Does any physical change haunts you? Well, in that case, you need to understand the difference between the normal changes that are undergoing in body and the abnormalities that has to be treated.

From working of mind to different organs, everything is just synchronised which defines normal bodily function.


It’s a chemical formed by body itself which is secreted by ductless gland directly into the bloodstream. Further the hormone gets attached to its respective receptors.

And this communication of hormone with its receptor is very unique. There are many receptors present in the body at different-different sites where hormone comes and forms hormone-receptor complex.

This formed complex helps in the regulation of distinct functions of the body like growth, repair, reproduction and many more functions.

Why it’s important to know the hormonal imbalance in women?

Both women and men body undergo hormonal imbalance.

According to studies, women seem to have more issues with hormonal imbalances that specifically cause resistance to fat loss. For example, the high level of oestrogen hormone promotes cell division, cell growth and excessively increases the amount of fat tissue.

Another hormone produced in women is progesterone, which supports the changes occurring in women’s body, this hormone protects against such excessive fat growth. 

Now question arises if one hormone is protecting then what’s the problem interfering? With this, you are going to know the fact that progesterone production declines much faster with the age, unlike oestrogen. This decline occurs in the age ranges between thirty and fifty, and therefore, during this phase the level of oestrogen is at its peak.

Following this condition prevailing in the body, there occurs rapid accumulation of fat which further becomes very difficult to lose.

Is there any specific age range which faces hormonal imbalance?

Abnormality in endocrine glands and hormonal imbalances can occur at any age.

The cause of imbalance can be natural like internal stress such as microbial infections, blood sugar level, dietary contaminants, deficiency of vital micronutrients,

Some stresses are those which are due to the way of living like smoking, alcohol consumption, altered sleep cycles leading to insomnia, and sometimes because of direct contact or inhalation of chemicals like pesticides

 When hormonal imbalance occurs then metabolism’s pace becomes slow with the alteration in the appetite cravings.

Additionally, women have a peculiar body unlike men. With different phases of life women’s body reveals a lot of commuting features depicting hormonal imbalance. Those phases are – puberty, menstruation, pregnancy, post pregnancy, pre menopause, menopause and post menopause.

Is hormonal imbalance harmful for body?

Yes, it’s harmful if it is left untreated and sometimes it may become life threatening. There are several disorders and malignancies which are outcome of change in the levels of hormone in the body.

Some of the outcomes are PCOS, ovarian cancer, hormone replacement or birth control medications, early menopause, endocrine gland cancer, any genetic abnormality, thyroiditis, thyroid nodule formation and pancreatitis.

Are any signs for hormonal imbalance?

Yes, there are signs for hormonal imbalance. These signs are very helpful in administering the line of treatment priorly, if you are able to analyse the changes occurring in the body.

What are those signs?

Heavy or irregular periods, Hirsutism, Skin and hair fall problems, Vaginal dryness and Weak bone.

These are just the signs which depicts the major transformation occurring inside the body. If you are able to understand these signs of warning and consult a doctor then you are able to control imbalance and thus able to mitigate the organ damages.

Is there any way to make balance within body?

For having balanced levels of hormones, simply have healthy lifestyle. Relying over fast foods and no workout sessions may make your body fragile from within.

“Early bed and early to rise”, do follow this in your schedule because this habit maintains your sleep-awake cycle.

Take food with good amounts of micronutrients so that immunity builds up and body can fight against infections.

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