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PCOS and Pregnancy

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Here we go… first of all we begin with knowing “Pregnancy”.

If we go for a survey and keep asking women, what is pregnancy for them? we would know a whole lot of different portraiture of pregnancy. For some it’s a piece of cake ,that is no puking , no pain , just a happy pregnancy. Whereas some face a lot of problems like nausea even with a little fragrance or any kind of smell. Some eat a lot, some have a normal diet, some may even eat less than normal.

BUT WAIT!! There’s a lot more to pregnancy because the woman’s body undergoes massive changes as well. From the change in body shape and size to rapidly changing moods.

Whether a woman has a challenging experience or an easier one, the honor of gestating and bearing a child in their body in itself is just incredible.

Basically pregnancy is  functional in nature and related to high level of progesterone.

Now, let’s see what’s the role of PCOS here..

The biggest problem for now is most of us women, are unaware of the fact that they are actually suffering from PCOS.

It is a syndrome manifested by amenorrhea, hirsutism and obesity associated with enlarged polycystic ovaries. This is accompanied with anovulation and hyperandrogenism.

PCOS is different for every woman and depending on their symptoms , the treatment is been given. Mostly it involves contraceptive pills!

Is there any relation between PCOS and pregnancy?

These days there are a lot of misconception concerning PCOS which is brewing amongst women and this is enough to confuse and worry us women. Some are left heartbroken assuming they can’t conceive.

PCOS gets worsen if woman is having hypothyroidism, low nutrient levels, excess prolactin and sometimes with under eating. So when a woman gets pregnant , she undergo a series of changes in the body and that too if she has PCOS then problems gets multiplied.

There are chances that PCOS could cause infertility in woman because PCOS is directly related to ovulation during menstrual cycle. In normal menstrual cycle, 1 egg is released from the ovary each month and thus maintaining overall hormonal balance. The egg is released from the follicle , called Corpus luteum which produces ‘Progesterone’- a female sex hormone and is crucially important in regulating menstrual cycle. Also this specific hormone builds the favorable ambient condition in the uterus for the egg to get innervated by sperm and further stabilizes the growth.

So now we can understand why ovulation has vital role in conceiving. In PCOS there is irregularity in ovulation which may cause infertility and may also result in other pregnancy complication. But that’s not the case every time! There are successful pregnancies as well!. There are cases where women with PCOS have easily conceived naturally with no medicines.

So ladies don’t wilder yourself with all sorts of negative thoughts before you visit a doctor and get proper diagnosis. Always keep in mind that PCOS is not the same for all.

Many women with PCOS have spiked levels of cortisol, which is also called as stress hormone. In pregnancy , cortisol plays a vital role in biochemical changes. If the maternal cortisol’s level increases abundantly, it could stimulate the rise in placental (baby’s) cortisol level. However, excess maternal cortisol level may risk in impaired development of brain of the foetal and may intervene genetically.

Just some changes in the lifestyle and the food selection can eventually make disorder free life and then you only have to deal with pregnancy problems without any complications so stay healthy.

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