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Different roles a woman plays


It is finally that day of the year where women are honored and recognized for all the hard work they do throughout the year. Although one day is definitely not enough, this is recognized as the day for women and we are here for it. The International women’s day is celebrated on 8th of March every year and on that day, the world finally talks about everything a woman deserves. As women we know what struggles we go through every day, but today we won’t be addressing those, instead we will throw some light on how we gracefully sport different roles and ace them.  


A woman has many phases in her life where she transitions from one role to another, but here we are going to felicitate the roles that she accepts willingly.

A wife
  • A wife: The role of a wife is probably the first time a woman completely steps out of her comfort zone and willingly makes a transition, by giving space to involve another person in her life. Along with supporting and hedging for her own dreams, she strives to inspire her partner and proves to be their back bone as well. She gives her partner the support and wings that he/she requires to move forward in life, this sometimes may also be sacrificial but she is happy to make that sacrifice for the important people.
A caregiver
  • A caregiver: Now this is role that starts right from the time she is conscious of the world happenings. First, she cares for her family, parents and friends, then she cares for partner and his/her family, then she moves a step higher and learns to care for her own child and so on. By the end of her life, a woman has managed to carefully make space for so many people in her life. She knows exactly what everyone needs and wants and makes sure that this is fulfilled by either working for it herself or giving others the environment to work for it.
A mother
  • A mother: Easily one of the hardest things we choose to do as women. Not just physically, but choosing to be a mother is exhausting mentally as well, but I am sure that it is so rewarding that the feeling is “Its all worth it”. Motherhood requires a woman to create an environment to bring up another human right from scratch. Not to say that if the child goes ahead makes a mistake, it is the mother’s fault but how she teaches him/her to correct that mistake, is in her hands.  
A primary educator
  • A primary educator:  A woman, more importantly a mother is a primary educator of her house. A child learns their first habits and doings from their mothers, in fact right from the time they are in the womb. She carries the responsibility of creating good human beings who will prove to be responsible citizens in the future. Not just for the child, but a woman can be a role model for everyone around her and how she conducts herself has the ability to influence to others.
A friend
  • A friend: Probably one of the most underrated roles of a woman. It is scientifically proven that women are more emotional and understanding towards other people in comparison to men, hence women are actually be a better friend than what they are perceived to be. A woman is a friend who listens, empathizes and gives advice when necessary. The care giver in her takes a front role for her friends as well. 
A change maker
  • A change maker: For centuries women have been the front runners when it comes to making changes in the house and the society, be it something as big as fighting for equal rights to votes or something as small as deciding what her family will eat so as to remain healthy. A woman has the ability to bring about a change by voicing her opinions where necessary. Women have fought for everything they deserve and today we are at a position where we can say that we are almost at par with men. Of course, some changes still need to be made, but I can confidently say that this will also be led by women.  
A professional
  • A professional: This is one of the only roles in which she does everything selfishly, and rightly so. Her desire to succeed in her career and make a name for herself is something she chooses to do for her satisfaction and happiness. It is also one of the most challenging roles because women are expected to hone the skill of acing this role, without compromising on any of the above-mentioned roles. Today women are an active part of the work environment in every field be it business, service, entertainment or even agriculture. 

Bottom line is that women deserve to be respected every day of the year and for every choice they makes. All women are amazing irrespective of what role they choose to conform with and what role they don’t. If she chooses to be a housewife, she deserves respect. If she chooses to be career driven and not marry, she deserves respect. If chooses motherhood over her profession, she deserves respect. I heard this somewhere and there is no better day to reiterate it—

“Women never give up, we might need a coffee, we might need a day in bed, but we will always come back stronger.”

Happy women’s day!

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