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Things do to with your single best friends in the Valentine’s Month!

All of us associate Valentine’s day with the cliché roses, chocolates, hearts. We also think that Valentine’s day is only for couples. Are you single and wondering what you are going to do that day?

Have you considered spending the day with your single girlfriends? Take this day to be grateful for your girlfriends and show them some love. 

Here are some fun ways you can celebrate Galentines’s day:

  1. Spa day 
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You can spend a day at a spa, get relaxing massages, pedicures or facials with your friends. If you do not want to go to a spa you can organize one at home. Set the mood with some scented candles, open a bottle of champagne or make some mimosas, play some relaxing music and pamper yourselves with some face masks and mani-pedis.

  1. Organize a singles only dinner party
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Bring out the fairy lights, some candles, drinks, flowers and cook a meal with your friends.

You do not feel like cooking and cleaning? Order-in from each of your favorite restaurants. Or order each course of the meal from a different restaurant. 

Or if you all are against the cheesy valentine’s day stuff, you could have an Anti-Valentine’s day party minus the hearts, chocolates and candles.

  1. Give each other gifts
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Surprise your girlfriends with a bold lipstick, nail polish color or personalized bracelet charms. Or make something special.

  1.  Organize a craft night
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Get together with some fun music, stationary, craft supplies and make gifts.  There is nothing like a hand-made card or bracelet to show your love and gratitude for the friendships in your life.

  1. Host a game night or karaoke night
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Enjoy a game of cards or board games or Play Tinder roulette by taking turns to swipe on different profiles. For all you know one of you might end up with a date for Valentine’s day next year. 

Or set up some neon lights and have a karaoke night.

  1. Movie marathon at home – Celebrity crush night 

 Change into matching cozy pyjamas, light some candles, pop open a bottle of wine, bring out a large bowl of popcorn and curl up to watch a favorite TV show or movies of your favorite celebrity crushes. 

  1. Get out of town 
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Plan a weekend get-away or road trip with your best friends. Take a break from your busy chaotic city life and drive down to a resort, or a farm out of the city for a mini vacation. 

  1. Go on a shopping spree 

You can hit your favorite stores and help your friends revamp their wardrobes. Or you could also do some online shopping together.

  1. Do a wine and painting night

You can buy different kinds of wine and organize a wine tasting night with your close friends. You can also paint something for your friends as a gift. 

  1. Organize a picnic
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Bring out those hats, shades and picnic baskets!

You could organize an outdoor brunch in a park with some champagne, wine, mimosas, sangria, fun games, photos and good food. 

  1. Make up night

You could buy some make up and explore some fun new looks with your friends or a Youtube tutorial. 

  1. Vision board night

Get some cardboard, old magazines, newspaper and some glue. Make collages/ vision boards of your future goals, visions with some inspirational quotes. 

All the single ladies can get together and share your goals and visions for your future. You can create a dream or vision board with picture collages. Share it with each other, hold each other accountable for your plans and targets. Encourage and support your girlfriends… There is nothing like one woman building another woman up!!

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