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How to prep your skin for make-up before your wedding?

The most important time of the year is upon us, no not festive season, WEDDING SEASON! Especially for all those ladies who are going to be the center of attention this year aka the Brides! 2020 saw too many cancelled weddings but 2021 is coming back stronger with double the number of weddings and we understand that planning a wedding amidst the pandemic has been quite challenging, and the last thing you need is to worry about your skin care before the big day’s glam make-up. Well we’ve got you covered. This blog is your easy guide to prepping the skin for the heavy and high coverage bridal make-up.

Ways to prep your skin before make-up for wedding

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  • Visiting the dermatologist: If you have had any previous instances of problem prone skin or even if you have flawless skin, a visit to the dermatologist is recommended. It will give you and your make-up artist an idea about your skin type and the possible allergies. Consider doing this 3-4 months prior to your wedding day. This will give your skin a heads up to react well in time to any medication prescribed and recover from it.

Consequence: If you fail to take a visit to the dermatologist, you may end up using products which are not helpful to your skin. Your make-up artist may use some chemical cosmetics which don’t suite your skin, so this visit will help you plan your skincare and make up accordingly

  • Laser hair removal: Many brides consider opting for laser hair removal before their weddings. With regards to prepping for your skin for make-up, laser for facial hair removal should be done well in advance, if you are considering it. However do consult your dermatologist before choosing this option.

Consequence: Laser treatment sometimes leaves red marks on your skin which may take a few days to fade, hence having the appointments scheduled in advance is a good option.

  • Exfoliation and hydration: Exfoliating your skin once or twice a week will help get rid of dead cells and helps in the skin rejuvenating process, providing your make-up artist an even surface to work on. Exfoliation can be slightly hard on your skin so remember to follow the exfoliation process with a brightening serum or face oil. These two combined will provide you the “glow from within”.

Consequence: Failing to exfoliate and hydrate, your skin will retain many dead cells therefore making your face look dull. In the absence of this prep, your skin may not take on the glow even after loads of make-up.

  • CTMP regime: This is one of major steps which requires effort from your side. Setting a cleaning, toning, moisturizing and protecting (CTMP) regime is very important. This requires you to buy all the respective products best suited for your skin type. For example, if you have acne-prone skin then gel cleansers are your best bet as they are light weight. Likewise if you have oily or combination skin then foam cleaners are your best option, as they help cleanse away excess oil. In the same way research about products for all four steps and choose the best ones in your budget. Make sure all the steps align correctly with your skin type i.e. if you have dry skin, all four respective products should be tailored for dry skin. Make sure to follow this regime on the daily for at least two months and trust me, your make-up artist will thank you.

Consequence: If your CTMP regime is not in place, you will not be able to obtain an even skin tone which will be a good surface for make-up to sit on. Also in the absence of these steps, the make-up may become too harsh for your facial skin to handle hence resulting in skin issues post the wedding. Choosing the right products for your skin type is of utmost importance, failing which you might aggravate issues. For example if you have oily skin and you use products meant for dry skin you will end up getting acne or pimples due to increase in oil content

  • Kiss ready: Often times we forget that lips are a part of the face too, which requires to be taken care off. Using lip scrubs, followed by lip balms on the regular, will prep your lips for heavy long wearing matte lipstick on the day of the wedding.

Consequence: Matte lipsticks tend to dry out/flake off. To avoid this, hydrating your lips regularly is essential. Even normal cream lipsticks, if worn for long hours, do tend to dry out your lips which is a feeling you definitely don’t want to have as a new bride.

  • Vitamin supplements: “You are what you eat.” Truer words haven’t been spoken, and no we aren’t talking about your diet/body. Even with regards to skin, vitamin supplements really do more than half the work for bridal prep. You should definitely consider incorporating Biotin and Vitamin C supplements in your diet. Biotin is scientifically proven to benefit hair, skin and nails, whereas Vitamin C increase cell turnover thereby helping you get rid of blemishes much quicker.

Consequence: There is no consequence as such if you skip this prep but you need to know that our diet in general does not consist of things that will help revive skin so supplements really help in amplifying that process.

  • NO Experimentation: Around the time of your wedding, it can be quite exciting to find and try some new products with promising claims, but please try and refrain from doing so. Especially if you are any closer than a month to your wedding, do not even look at new products to try

Consequence: There is a slim chance these new products may not suit your skin and your skin may act up. All the hard work you put it to have good skin will go in vain. Don’t try to disrupt the normalcy, if not required.

  • Controlling the stress: Hormones are the biggest enemies of skin, especially the face. We understand that wedding prep is stressful but try to take it easy, as the release of stress hormone may not affect your functioning, but your skin will definitely show it. So remember to relax and enjoy this process.

Consequence: If you let your hormones dictate by overly stressing out, get ready to see your pimple friends come for a visit.

Marriage may be the most important day of your life but that doesn’t mean everything needs to be perfect. If all goes wrong, at least you will have perfect skin on your big day. So let the wedding bells ring!

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