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We are all well aware of how our diet plays an important role in how we look, both physically and mentally. It is our diet that decides our health and the good thing about our diet is that it can always become better by incorporating more balanced foods. Eating well also helps reduce the risks of attracting various diseases. Food is our source of energy, and it helps us grow and repair.

In today’s world where people are being persuaded to buy “certain” types of food items that the society (to put in better words, social media) has portrayed to be healthy, we need to step out of our shoes and look for ourselves, eat and buy only what is natural and original. There might be people persuading you to buy expensive food items which are advertised as being fulfilling and healthy, but ask yourself always before purchasing those “goods”, “Is this really what is going to fulfil my nutritional needs while being pocket-friendly at the same time?”

Go ahead if your answer to the above question is yes.
The Thyroid gland controls how we all derive energy from our energy source, food. The gland is butterfly-shaped and found in the neck-region. Thyroxine is a hormone that is produced by the Thyroid gland and controls the metabolism of the cells of the body. The pituitary gland is what gives the gland “signals” to produce more of this hormone when it needs more energy. In children, this hormone is also responsible for maturity (both mental or neural and physical). And increase in this hormone can lead to an increase basal metabolic rate and several other associated severe symptoms, this condition is termed as Hyperthyroidism while a decrease in the same hormone can cause a lower basal metabolic rate which can cause one to gain weight easily, termed as Hypothyroidism. Knowing well about the adversity of Thyroxine and Thyroid hormonal imbalances, it is really must for us to have a diet that maintains the optimal levels of thyroid hormones.

The following are some food that must reduced in your diet for a healthy, better thyroid:

  • Avoid drinking caffeine
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Caffeine drastically changes the hormone levels of the body. Also avoid Energy drinks (many energy drinks contain caffeine). While people do love waking themselves up with a cup of coffee, coffee spikes the blood sugar levels causing cravings for sugary and carbohydrates food items. Coffee is also known to increase Cortisol levels (the hormone which responds to stress), increasing cortisol levels causes an inactive thyroid gland (hypothyroidism). High Cortisol levels can also cause rapid weight gain and muscle weakness. Small doses of caffeine does you no harm though, in fact it can give you “that” energy boost you need, thus it is okay to have small amounts of coffee in your diet. 

  •  Avoid Eating Processed foods
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I think one of the most important advice you can grab from this article is that: be as natural as possible, there’s no way you can possibly cause harm while being natural. Avoid eating sugary drinks or food items. Sugars are just empty calories, they don’t keep you full but are high in calorie content while not contributing to any nutritional element in your diet. Avoid eating foods which contain a lot of chemicals and preservatives. Always be an aware consumer and check the added ingredients list of the food item that you put in your food cart to buy. 

  • Omega 6 fatty acids

Omega 6 fatty acids is just a type of fat present in vegetable oil, vegetables and some nuts. But don’t let the word “fat” hold you back and give you the justification for stopping to consume them altogether. The problem is not with including Omega-6 rich foods in your diet, it is in fact really good for health (when consumed in moderation), the actual problem is the inappropriate ratio of consumption of Omega-3 and Omega-6 in your diet. Consuming both in equal amounts is good for health but an increased consumption of Omega-6 can lead to inflammation, heart diseases and even Hypothyroidism. But then again, taking in moderation is the goal, not avoiding them completely. 

  • Say no to GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms) Crops

Say not to supplements which you have not been told to take upon by any doctor’s consultation. GMOs can trigger autoimmune response (a condition when your immune system starts attacking the healthy cells of your body) and lead to thyroid imbalances and many diseases associated with it. 

  • Cruciferous vegetables
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Let me tell you some of the names of the vegetables that come under this family: Spinach, kale and broccoli and cabbage. Shocked? 

Don’t be. Cruciferous vegetables are really good for the body, they have a good amount of Vitamins and are low in carbohydrates and it will do you no harm when taken in just the right quantity.  But when taken in an excess, it can cause thyroid problems because it interferes in absorption of Iodine from the food in your diet. Iodine is important for producing thyroid hormones. 

  • Avoid Soy
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There is quite a controversy regarding soy products. But research has pointed out that soy products are better to be avoided and reduced as they disrupt the function and production of thyroid hormones. 


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I can’t stress this enough but when you are suffering from any sort of disease or even if you are healthy, you need to exercise, not 7 days a week, just be as active throughout the day as possible. Take small walks, cycle or dance your way in your own room. It’s the little efforts that you put that actually makes a difference, be consistent and always try to be better daily. Believe in Yourself. You are stronger than any disease.

To help you get stronger in your thyroid journey, andMe has launched andMe ThyroDiet, Thyroid Tea. It is specifically designed for hypothyroidism. Start your Thyroid diet with &Me to get the tips from our Nutritionist, also track it on a daily basis.

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