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Hug in a box – &Me Uncompromising period comfort box

A girl hugging &Me period box

We are so excited to share the exclusive first look into India’s first complete Period Care Box that launches today on 16th December 2020.

We are calling it – Hug in a box!

At &Me, we are leading the effort in driving research and innovation in understanding periods.

Every day, we speak to 200 women and take the time to hear their period stories. We know that periods are not just about cramps; they come with 20 other emotional and physical changes. We know pills are not the healthy solution. We know you are still dissatisfied with the pads and cups you use.

On our quest to give you that “Uncompromising Period comfort”, we had launched India’s first period drink in 2018, and Period chocolates in 2019.

In April 2020, just after the lockdown had hit, and the stress levels were rising, we knew it will impact our hormones and take the period days for a toss! We got into a team brainstorming session to discuss what we can do to make them better.

We spoke to many of you to understand what you wanted, what you weren’t getting, then partnered with leading manufacturers in India to build each and every component of this amazing Period box, that gives you a period day comfort that is inside out!

What is inside &Me Period Box :

  1. Period Tea: &Me Period Tea is taking the conversation of periods beyond cramps, with a product that is proven to help across period symptoms of cramps, body pain, bloating, and fatigue. It is an innovative blend of 25 ingredients from Ayurveda and Nutrition science. Read more about the ingredients HERE. The tea comes both in loose and tea bag format. In a delicious Spearmint Rose flavor! Brew it hot, cup your hands around the cup, snuggle and enjoy this comforting tea as it eases your pain from the inside!
&Me period tea for cramps, bloating and fatigue
  • Period chocolate: We all crave dark chocolates during periods because of mood swings and declining Serotonin levels. Sugar loaded market chocolates only worsen the problem. &Me Period chocolate helps manage period cravings and mood swings with 55% Dark (oat milk based) cocoa along with essential micronutrients, Ayurvedic herbs, fruits and nuts. No sugar! (Read more about the ingredients HERE). We absolutely love it!
&Me Period chocolates for moods and cravings
  • “No compromise” Sanitary pads: Why should you compromise with the most intimate relationship during periods – your pads! Why can’t you have it all! These &Me sanitary pads check all your criteria with Rash free fabric, Heavy flow protection, affordable (Pack of 10 for Rs 199 only) and Made in India! Specially made for women who have heavy flow, PCOS, and UTI.
&Me No compromise Sanitary pads
  • Easy” Menstrual cup: Extremely soft to push in and pull out easily – your most common problem that makes you think twice about using cups! &Me cup uses design innovation with its unique stud shape, medical grade silicon material and micro holes to help with easy insertion and removal!
&Me easy menstrual cup – easy to insert, easy to remove
  • Soothe Rollon”: In our Soothe rollon, we bring to you ingredients from across the world that bring instant pain relief. It has Ylang Ylang, Peppermint, Clary Sage and Lavender! It smells amazing and works instantly! Apply on your neck to help with with better moods and sleep during periods. Toxin free.

As we end this tumultuous 2020, Period time wouldn’t add to our woes. Lets end 2020 on a good note. Get yourself your period box and gift your girl freind one!

Click HERE to shop all products or build your own Period Box HERE


  1. Rachana says

    Your team is just amazing! Such a great idea this is. Thanks to every mind and every hard working soul behind this launch of Hug in a box!

    • shetamerhakifoodscom says

      Thank you so much Rachana! We are so happy to know how much you &Me! 🙂

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