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&Me launches ThyroDiet Tea: A revolutionary answer to managing Thyroid.

&Me Launched ThyroDiet tea for Thyroid

Thyroid imbalances are becoming increasingly common. 

Hypothyroidism (underactive thyroid) is a condition in which your thyroid gland doesn’t produce enough of certain crucial hormones. 

When you have hypothyroidism, your thyroid gland is unable to produce required amounts of the thyroid hormones (thyroxine T4 and T3). These two hormones are responsible for driving all metabolism in the body.

When your body is not able to produce sufficient Thyroid hormone, the body’s system slows down, leading to lethargy, reduced metabolism, weight gain, constipation etc.

Common market solution for managing Thyroid is Prescription medicines, which come in daily morning tablet form. They help restore thyroid levels by artificially injecting the amount of thyroxine that your body is missing. Resulting in Lifelong support and unnatural management of Thyroid symptoms and not Thyroid itself!

&Me’s latest launch, Thyrodiet Tea, takes a revolutionary approach to managing Thyroid, by providing the right nutrition to help our Thyroid gland naturally produce the required T3/T4 (thyroid hormones) in the body. Result = Natural management, No life long support, diet based scientific solution! No side effects

First, A little back story on how we came up with &Me Thyrodiet Tea:

As a women health company, we are committed to solving for women’s unique health needs with products that are natural and effective. While Thyroid occurs in both men and women, 1 in 10 women have Hypothyroidism vs 1 in 20 men!

Also, common market solutions for Thyroid are pills that inject artificial thyroxine in the body, vs actually managing Thyroid! 

After having successfully proven PCOS and Period care can have natural solutions, we decided to take on Thyroid up this summer of 2020, during lockdown. 

Like our other Products we started with our own in house research around the science of thyroid. We have an inhouse team of experts that have strong product innovation backgrounds from Nestle, Pepsi and Paperboat.

We researched every possible ingredient from Ayurveda and Modern science, in India and globally, to make the most natural, beneficial, affordable and convenient to consume. 

We consulted experts, a gynaecologist, a dietician, a nutritionist and an ayurveda expert to get deeper insights into the formulations and potential reactions of cross products.

Then we taste tested ~40 versions of the product, and tested more than 20 parameters on the nutritional values in an external lab, before launching the product for you today!

Now let’s deep dive and see what goes inside &Me ThyroDiet?

&Me ThyroDiet has a unique nutritional formula developed after 3 months of rigorous research. It:

  1. Enables thyroid gland to produce T3/T4 and balance their levels in the body
  2. Increase absorption of iodine in the body
  3. Manage symptoms of lethargy and weight gain

Ingredients that help in production of T3 and T4

Ingredients that help in absorption of Iodine in the body

Ingredients that help in managing weight

Ingredients that help in managing anxiety and lethargy

No artificial ingredients go inside &Me ThyroDiet tea. No side effects!

How long will it take to work?

We recommend you consume 1 tea bag a day for at least 3 to 6 months daily to see visible changes.

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