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Why is &Me Period Chocolate the Best Girlfriend Gift?

best gift for periods

Unfortunately, period is that time of the month a woman never looks forward to. But we are not alone, as our sisters and girlfriend also go through the same experience every month. 

It might feel like we are alone but yes, she also bleeds through many pads and feels uncomfortable. 

Let’s take a moment to ask ourselves the following questions:

  • Do you know your best friend (BFF) period cycle?
  • How often do you reach out to your girlfriend for support during periods?
  • How often do you share your period stories with your girlfriend?

The answer for most of us is – very rarely. But if we ask ourselves, we would LOVE to have someone who can understand us during period days, make us feel special during period days, and help us get through the pain, mood swings etc.

Lockdown has made some of this difficult, but we at &Me have an ultimate gift for you to give your girlfriend during her period. Continue reading to find out!

First off, what do periods bring:

Pain in the days leading up to her period and days of her period?

Exhaustion and feeling drained of energy – Menstrual bleeding during periods makes a woman feel tired due to dip in estrogen levels in the body. 

Bloating – During periods, a woman feels like she has swelled up or gained weight. 

High amounts of progesterone in the body make the digestive system sluggish (causing gas, bloating, diarrhea). There is a drop in metabolism, or the body produces energy slowly from food. High levels of progesterone increases water retention to make her feel like she has ballooned. 

To add to the above…Mood swings and hunger pangs for carbs and sweets

During periods there is less estrogen hormone in the body. Estrogen is required to make a hormone called serotonin. Less estrogen = less serotonin. 

Less serotonin = cravings for sugary snacks and chocolates. And one feels constant hunger pangs.

Less serotonin = mood swings and irritability= grumpy

On an average she spends almost a week of every month of her reproductive years ~ almost 30 years of her life like this?

You can do something special to make those days better and uplift her spirits. 

Surprise her. Create a care package for her or a little gift with a hot water pad, some essential oils to take her mind off the pain, make her a warm soothing tea, cook a meal for her and don’t forget to give her chocolates! 

Yes. Chocolates!! Do you know that chocolate is beneficial for health during periods?

Not any chocolate. Only dark chocolate!

Other kinds of chocolate or sweet treats with high amounts of sugar only add to the hunger pangs, temporarily satisfy her sweet cravings and worsens the pain and mood swings. 

As mentioned before

Less estrogen = less serotonin = cravings for sugary snacks and chocolates = constant hunger pangs =mood swings and irritability = grumpy / sad

Studies have shown that cacao in dark chocolate can increase serotonin levels to reduce mood swings. 

Dark chocolate contains higher % of cacao which means it is more potent in dealing with mood swings. 

Dark chocolate can also satisfy sweet tooth cravings and hunger pangs. 

So, you have helped her deal with her cravings and mood. What about the bloating and exhaustion? There are many solutions like the hot water bottle and teas and the oils that are short-lived solutions. 

Is there one thing that can deal with all the above problems?


&Me’s Period Chocolate 

It is 70% dark chocolate, containing the perfect blend of Vitamins, Minerals and 5 Ayurvedic herbs that help relieve period symptoms naturally.

Cocoa to reduce cravings, Vitamin B6 and Ashwagandha to boost energy, Magnesium and Vitamin B6 to reduce mood swings, ginger and pepper to reduce bloating and also contains healthy prebiotic fiber. Available in sea salt almond and cranberry flavors.

It also contains Stevia, a 0 calorie sugar which makes for a guilt free period treat.

Periods can be confusing, daunting for any woman and particularly a young girl who is on her first cycle. Periods are always associated with the above negative symptoms.   

These heart shaped bite size treats make for a great period care gift for any woman/ girl! This will give her the support she needs during her PMS days and period days.

So, uplift her spirits with a box of &Me Period Chocolate every month. She will definitely appreciate it!

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