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&Me Period Chocolates

You are PMS-ing/ you are on your period now. You are itching for something sweet! You reach out and gorge down a bar of chocolate knowing how bad the sugar is for you now.

Same story every month?

You always give in to your sweet tooth cravings and feel guilty after.

Or You are always fighting that craving for unhealthy sweets and carbs!! 

Period cravings are one of the many symptoms that accompany mood swings, anxiety and irritability. Hormonal changes largely influence your dietary choices apart from your mood.

We at &Me understand the struggle! So, we have created the perfect treat to drive away those period blues and satisfy your sweet tooth. 

It is not just any sweet treat/ chocolate. It is a chocolate with a purpose!

These are bite sized pieces of  70% dark chocolate, containing the perfect blend of Vitamins, Minerals and 5 Ayurvedic herbs that help relieve period symptoms naturally. 

It contains ingredients which:

  1. Reduce cravings
  2. Boost energy
  3. Reduce mood swings  
  1. Reducing cravings

During periods there is less estrogen hormone in the body. Estrogen is required to make a hormone called serotonin. Less estrogen = less serotonin. 

Less serotonin = cravings for sugary snacks and chocolates. And one feels constant hunger pangs. 


Controls the production of Ghrelin, the hunger hormone. This helps in controlling period time cravings.  Dark chocolate cocoa can also help increase serotonin levels to boost mood. 

  1. Boost energy

Heavy menstrual bleeding during periods makes a woman feel completely drained of her energy and tired due to decrease in estrogen levels in the body. Here are some ingredients which help boost energy:

Vitamin B6

It helps boost metabolism and provides energy from the food we eat. This up in metabolism reduces bloating. 


Is another Ayurvedic herb which is known to strengthen the Uterus muscles and reduce menstrual cramps. It is also known to reduce stress. 

  1. Reducing those mood swings  

The Estrogen and Progesterone hormone levels in the body decrease right before menstruation starts. These changes reduce the quantity of Serotonin (happy hormone) in the body. These fluctuations in hormones cause mood swings and irritabilityThere are some ingredients that can help deal with that grumpiness:


Magnesium can tell the body to make Serotonin from a component called Tryptophan. This will in turn help balance mood.

Vitamin B6

Vitamin B6 also helps the body maintain a healthy nervous system. It makes the body produce more progesterone which helps in increasing happy hormones on the body and boosting your mood.  


Ginger is shown to reduce water retention, improve digestion/ metabolism and reduce bloating.  It is also known to reduce period cramps. 


Pepper contains a special component called Piperine which tells the stomach to produce Hydrochloric acid. This acid can help break down proteins in food. This eases digestion and bloating

Prebiotic fiber (Fructo-oligosaccharides)

A source of dietary fiber promotes the growth of beneficial or ‘good bacteria’ in the gut. 

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