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What Goes Inside &Me Women’s Protein Powder?

Women go through unique hormonal changes every month and during each of their different life stages. We women are unique. We have BIG unique hormonal changes from the start of the menstruation, pregnancy, breastfeeding and menopause. And we have SMALL hormonal changes every month when we get periods. 

And it isn’t just the blood flow and bleeding, hormonal changes in the body puts pressure on our nutrient requirements, thereby affecting our hair, skin, energy levels, metabolism, immunity, hormones, mental health and weight. It is all interconnected.

It is also well established that our body has the power to deal with all of these changes. With a simple solution: Nourish the body.

Now, Nutrition for just daily well being requires adequate amounts of 3 macronutrients, 13 vitamins, 16 minerals, 20 amino acids, and 4 antioxidants on a daily basis. 

Maintaining these requirements should be ok, because we do eat 3-5 times a day. But in our current lifestyle, and busy schedules, it is hard to plan, incorporate, and consume such on a daily basis! Right?

&Me Women’s plant protein is an answer to finally meet women’s daily nutrition needs – plant-based, without preservatives, tastes great, & convenient. It has 45 ingredients that meet 30% of women daily nutrition needs! 16.5gm plant protein, 21 vitamins, 7 essential minerals, 11 essential amino acids! Didn’t we all want such a product? 

Lets deep dive into what goes inside &Me Women’s plant protein and its 5 key benefits.

Provides you with Energy and Strength

Do you think that low energy is what you have to go through to balance your career, personal life and busy social life? It is not true!


It is commonly used in Indian cooking. 

The reason why one feels sore in the muscles is due to accumulation of lactic acid.

Moringa acts as an energy booster and makes the muscles produce less lactic acid thus reducing tiredness. It also improves the antioxidant capacity of tissues and protects them from damage.   

Vitamin B1 

It collaborates with Pyruvate Dehydrogenase to break down carbohydrates and release energy in the body.


Zinc is a component of compounds called enzymes. These enzymes are needed for digestion/ metabolism of food to provide energy.

Balance your Hormones

Hormones are the chemical messengers which convey information between the brain and other organs. They have to be balanced i.e produced in the right quantities, at the right time because they control your growth, metabolism, mood and much more.  Here are some ingredients which can balance your hormones. 


It can improve the insulin sensitivity in the body. Or the ability of the muscles to take up insulin from the blood and lower blood glucose levels. It keeps blood sugar levels in check. 


Thyroid hormone from the thyroid gland is needed for energy and metabolism. 

Helps in maintaining thyroid hormones and smooth functioning of the thyroid gland. 


Helps improve the body’s response to insulin (helps control blood sugar levels), it soothes the nervous system and reduces the production of stress hormone cortisol. It is also known to improve the quality of sleep.

Help you Manage Weight

Biologically women have a lower metabolic rate compared to men. This is because women have more fat mass and less muscle mass. The female hormones help convert the calories consumed into fat.  

weight loss

Females also burn fewer calories for a certain quantity of food. The excess calories are converted and stored into fat. 


It prompts the body to burn fat by raising your core body temperature and inturn helps boost metabolism. 


It is an ayurvedic herb that helps boost metabolism and result in weight loss

Vitamin D

It helps keep hormone levels in check, decreasing body fat to aid in weight loss. Vitamin D and calcium are dependent on each other.

Relieve Stress

It can all pile up when you are doing your best to maintain a healthy balance in your personal and professional lives. Stress can cause headaches and can lead to anxiety and depression.  There are ingredients that can help relieve that stress:

Gotu Kola – It is known to decrease blood pressure and inflammation thus reducing anxiety.

Vitamin B2 – Is required to maintain a healthy nervous system. It improves brain chemistry and mood.

Manganese is also another ingredient/ nutrient known to relieve anxiety.

Boost your Immunity

Your immune system is the army that protects your body against disease causing organisms and damage to body cells. Sometimes it can fail to make one fall ill. There are natural ingredients which can boost immunity and keep your immune system strong to fight disease causing invaders:


It possesses antioxidant properties that protect cells in the body from damage.


It is required to make immune cells (soldiers in your body) mature and increase in number to protect the body from diseases.  

Vitamin C

It is an Antioxidant. Or gets rid of free radicals or components in the body that can damage cells.


Also known as the Indian Holy basil. It boosts immunity naturally and  protects the body against bacterial and fungal infections. It tells the body to make special types of soldiers called T helper cells and Natural Killer Cells to defend the body.

overall wellness for women

Sounds great right? Checkout &Me’s Plant Protein Powder. It has been thoughtfully designed to solve a woman’s daily nutrition, immunity, energy and hormonal needs. It contains 16.5 g of plant protein and has 45 ingredients that meet 30% of a woman’s daily nutritional needs. It is preservative free and full of chocolat-ey goodness!!

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