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Protein for Weight Loss in Women

In case you are a fitness fan, you will surely know the benefits of proteins in your diet. For novices, the news is that proteins help you build your muscles, which not only helps you looktoned but also boosts your metabolism. The stereotypical image that goes along with persons who consume protein shakes is that they are ‘big and bulky.’ As such, many women steer clear of protein shakes since they don’t want to gain visible muscles, avoid extra calories or they are of the opinion that they don’t need to add proteins to their diet.

Though it is true that the protein needs of women are lower than that of men, its importance cannot be ignored. Protein shakes can aid women to gain and retain muscle mass and enhance overall body composition.

Different Kinds of Proteins:

 Whey proteins: It is the most commonly used kind of proteins in protein powders. It is absorbed quickly by the body and is an easy and ideal supplement for post-workout.

 Soy protein: comprises of all essential amino acids and is a popular choice for vegans or vegetarians.

 Casein protein: It is the type that is richest in Glutamine, an amino acid that helps in recovery and slowest to digest, making it suitable for before bed since it can deliver essential nutrients all through the night.

 Egg proteins: A dairy and lactose-free protein powder which has a medium speed rate of digestion and provides high levels of lysine- an essential amino acid.

 Pea proteins: in case you are following a vegan diet or attempting to cut down on animal-based food, the best option is pea proteins. The quality of proteins in peas amounts to the same as that of soy and eggs, which are considered as complete sources. Another useful content of pea protein is arginine, an amino acid required by the body for building muscles.

 Hemp proteins: Ideal for vegans and those who suffer from allergies like lactose intolerance which may stop them from consuming whey or casein protein. Hemp is one of the few plant-based proteins which contain 8 essential amino acids. It is chock full of essential fatty acids, live enzymes, minerals, vitamins, and other co-factors to help in general wellness, digestion, and absorption. 

Benefits of Protein Powder

Casein, whey and milk-based protein powders are basically the best parts of milk after removal of fats and carbohydrates. These enable you to enhance your protein intake without increasing the intake of other macro-nutrients. They also help you to boost athletic performance, enhance muscle tone and improve general health.

The following are the specific benefits of protein drinks for women:

 Weight control
The nutrient protein is more satiating than fats and carbohydrates. So, increasing the percentage of calories derived from protein sources in your diet can help you feel fuller or take in the fewer sum total of calories. Studies had found that men and women who were overweight lost more fat mass and total weight when they supplemented their diet with proteins compared to those who did not.

In case you are trying to be slim, consuming proteins can help. Firstly, everything we eat produces a ‘thermic effect’ when we digest and metabolize it. The thermic impact of food refers to how much energy your body has to burn for thorough metabolization of food.

Proteins have a higher thermic effect compared to other kinds of food which imply that the body has to work harder to metabolize the proteins rather than other kinds of food. This is a win-win situation for burning calories.
Because of the high thermic effect of proteins, you will burn more calories after a high protein meal compared to a low protein meal. It is only a slight impact, but it will help you burn more calories even after a workout.

 Muscle growth
Most women wish to look toned but not bulky. But in most cases, bulking-up is very tough both because it needs a strict commitment to strength training and because the oestrogen in their bodies prevents the formation of visible muscle bulk.

There are amazing benefits for women who have the capacity to gain and maintain lean muscle mass. Proteins are valuable for women as they age and become more prone to conditions like osteoporosis. For gaining muscle mass, women need an excess of calories, featuring dietary proteins since it is the amino acids in proteins which build and repair muscle tissue in the body. If it is not possible through other means, consuming the best women’s protein drink as a supplement is the best bet.

 Wholesome nutrition
It is theoretically simple to meet daily nutritional needs, but it can involve much hard work in practice. In case you are short of time to prepare healthy meals, or you are not able to accommodate a lot of high protein whole foods into your diet, protein shakes, or supplements are the ideal way to get in such nutrients. Though one study indicated that you need only 0.8 gm of proteins per kg. of your weight, subsequent studies have proven that women need twice that amount to build up lean muscle mass. For 140-pound women, this amounts to 102 gm a day which is tough to gain through a normal diet, especially for vegans and vegetarians. But protein shakes can offer a good 20 to 30 gm per serving.

 Be cautious
Since protein shakes are over the counter dietary supplements and are not backed by government authorities, they differ widely in quality and are not guaranteed to produce particular results for any individual. In case you are considering including protein shakes to your regular diet, consult your doctor or dietician first, especially if you are targeting a specific goal.

When and How to Take It?

Selecting the right time to consume your protein powder/ shake can have a big impact on you and your body:

 Straight after a workout

When you are doing weight training, the crucial time to take in your protein is straight after workout. Then your muscles will soak up the nutrition for muscle growth and recovery.

 Before a workout

When you work out, it is good to have a protein shake half an hour before your first steps for creating an ‘anabolic window’ that reduces damage to your muscles when you train. If you take the protein shake along with carbs like banana, it will provide you with extra energy.

 First thing in the morning

This is a good way to gain nutrition after 8 hours of sleep. These are some of the reasons why women should consume proteins. It is not vital to consume it as a shake; you can even include the powder in making protein cookies,
flapjacks and pancakes.

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