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Holistic Weight Loss With Natural Home Ingredients

Sustained weight loss can feel like an uphill battle to many. Eating little food and starving yourself is not a good solution to lose weight.  

You don’t need any fancy machines or a gym membership to achieve your weight loss goals. The first step is to understand weight loss. There are 3 components of weight loss. 

  • Burn fat 
  • Improve metabolism
  • Appetite control

They include some lifestyle changes that you can follow from your home to lose weight. 

1. Burn fat

The average Indian woman needs a minimum 1900 calories every day to meet their health needs. Extra calories (more than what is required) if consumed are made into fat and stored in the body.

If one continues to consume extra calories for a long period of time, the fat storage in the body builds up and physically expands making the body gain weight. 

To lose weight physically, the fat store should reduce in size.  Here are some home solutions to reduce the fat storage by burning fat:

Include foods that can burn fat: 

green tea for weight loss

Green tea – Contains a special component called EGCG which can help burn fat stored in the body. Sip on green tea with or between meals.  You can have 1 to 2 cups of it per day. This is found to be effective when combined with exercise. 

Malabar tamarind – It is a popular fat burning ingredient used in Indian cuisine and in beverages. It contains a fat burning component called Hydroxy Citric Acid. 

Green coffee – These are unroasted coffee beans which prevent the fat from being made and  stored in the body.

2. Improve metabolic rate and boost energy

You might have observed that some people find it difficult to lose weight while others lose weight effortlessly no matter how and what they eat.

The reason for this is metabolic rate. Metabolic rate tells how fast your body burns/ converts the food or calories you eat into energy. 

A person with a higher metabolic rate converts the food into energy faster and doesn’t gain weight. 

There are ways in which one can up their metabolism to lose weight. 


Include spices in your food. 

Yes! Spices not only enhance the colour, taste and aroma of food, they also aid in weight loss and boost metabolism.  

Turmeric (Curcumin), Cumin, Mustard seeds, Fenugreek and Ginger in small quantities in food are metabolism boosters. Remember a little of each spice goes a long way.  

Exercising and fitness seems like a chore to many inorder to reach that goal weight. But it is an important component of weight loss. It helps up your metabolism to burn calories. 

Eat meals at the right time. The body needs regularity and balance for proper metabolic rate. 

3. Appetite control

Appetite control is a challenge for everyone trying to lose weight.  Is it possible to eat less quantity of food and not feel hungry for a long time? 

Yes! It is possible with a high protein, high fiber diet. 

weight management

Foods rich in protein and fiber offer satiation. They make you feel full for long after eating small quantities. This way you are consuming less food/ calories between meals.

Meals with refined flour, rice and sugar get digested quickly and make you hungry to eat often.  

Include protein rich foods like chickpeas, millets, pea protein and eggs to your meals. High fiber foods include fruit, vegetable and whole grains.

One fool proof method of dealing with that uncontrollable urge to reach out for unhealthy sweets or snacks is to fill your pantry and refrigerator with healthy snacks like nuts, dates, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, berries for something sweet. 

It is okay to cut some slack on some days and treat yourself to a fried or sweet snack.  But if eating in moderation is not you then avoid stocking them in your pantry/ refrigerator. 

Also, There are a few other things you can do to lose weight from home

Plan your meals in advance if you feel like you might give up at some point and get thrown off track on your way to weight loss.

Before any snack or meal.  Ask yourself this.. Am I eating this because I am bored or actually hungry?

Find ways to make exercise less of a burden. Follow exercise videos online or get friends to exercise with you on skype or zoom. 

Mindful eating is something you can incorporate. One can end up consuming more than required while mindlessly staring at a screen and putting food in their mouths. Enjoy your meal without distractions. 

Drink a lot of water between meals.  You should consume at least 2 to 3 liters every day. And make sure you space out your water intake and keep yourself hydrated all day. 

Keep a weight loss journal – Journaling your meals will help you become more aware of what you’re eating and can help change your eating habits.

Sleep well – 7 to 8 hours of sleep is important. It helps balance hormones in the body. Balance of hormones that promote fullness or satiation is released. The lack of sleep makes one feel hungry

Losing weight healthily is a slow process. Do not set unachievable goals or targets which will discourage you or make you feel low. Be kind to yourself in the process.  

Would you like to know about a drink that can burn fat, boost metabolism and offer satiation?

Check out &Me’s GoSlim with natural ingredients and no preservatives. 

It contains vitamins, minerals and ayurvedic herbs that aid in weight loss. Again, don’t expect to see results in a week / day. It might take 3- 6 months, but you will see promising results.


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