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What Goes Inside &Me’s Period Pain Relief Drink

An average woman goes through 400- 500 period cycles in her life! 

Some go through heavy pain and bloating, but most of us experience some version of uncomfortable cramps, bloating, mood swings, tiredness. Image this every month, 12 times a year, 400 times in our life!

You would hope that there was a natural solution for period discomfort. But apart from pain killers and hot water bags and roll on, there is no period solution in the market. And even pain killers / hot water bags / roll on only deal with pain. What about bloating, mood swings, fatigue? Further, pain killers are harmful if taken every month. 

This question was the start of &Me. After 1 years of extensive R&D and consumer interviews we launched – &Me Happy Periods, a first holistic period solution. It is first of its kind in India, first of its kind in the world!  

Period pain is not a part of a woman’s existence. It should not come every month to disrupt her daily routine, sometimes affecting her performance at work, school, and college. There is a way to get rid of the symptoms, pain, and never take those painkillers through some SAFE, NATURAL REMEDIES. 

There are natural ingredients and nutrients which can help you deal with the period symptoms by:

Reducing cramps

During periods, the uterus contracts to get rid of its thick cushion lining of blood and tissue. The lining is literally torn down and sent out of the body. A woman experiences unbearable period pain when she is deficient or low in the nutrients required for muscle tone/ contraction. Below are some ingredients which can help deal with this pain:


It is a nutrient required for strong and healthy bones. It is also known to reduce menstrual pain because it can help maintain muscle tone. 


Shatavari contains special components called saponins that control Estrogen quantities in the body. It acts as a muscle relaxer and helps alleviate menstrual cramps and blood loss. 

Vitamin B12

This is helpful in case of heavy periods because it will replace your lost blood (red blood cells). It is believed to reduce pain by telling the body to produce pain relieving hormones called prostaglandins.  

Reduce bloating

During periods, a woman feels like she has swelled up or gained weight. Right before she gets her period the quantity of Estrogen and Progesterone hormones change in short phases during the cycle. High levels of progesterone make your digestive system lazy and work slowly (causing gas, bloating, diarrhea). 

There is a drop in metabolism, or the body produces energy slowly from food. High levels of estrogen make a woman’s body retain water and feel like she has ballooned overnight. Here are some ingredients which can make the digestive system work faster and in turn bring down bloating.


Ginger is shown to reduce water retention, improve digestion/ metabolism and reduce bloating.  It is also known to reduce period cramps. 


Pepper contains a special component called Piperine which tells the stomach to produce Hydrochloric acid. This acid can help break down proteins in food. This eases digestion and bloating. 

Vitamin B6

It helps boost metabolism and provides energy from the food we eat. This up in metabolism reduces bloating. 

Reducing those mood swings  

The Estrogen and Progesterone hormone levels in the body decrease right before menstruation starts. These changes reduce the quantity of Serotonin (happy hormone) in the body. These fluctuations in hormones causes mood swings and irritability.  There are some ingredients that can help deal with that grumpiness:


Magnesium can tell the body to make Serotonin from a component called Tryptophan. This will in turn help balance mood.

Vitamin B6

Vitamin B6 also helps the body maintain a healthy nervous system. It makes the body produce more progesterone which helps in increasing happy hormones on the body and boosting your mood.  



It is an Ayurvedic herb. The name translates to” Remover of Sorrow”. It is known make your ovaries function properly and helps to reduce heavy flow during periods.


Is another Ayurvedic herb which is known to strengthen the Uterus muscles and reduce menstrual cramps. It is also known to reduce stress. 

Prebiotic fiber (Fructoologosaccharides)

A source of dietary fiber promotes the growth of beneficial or ‘good bacteria’ in the gut. 

Wondering where you can find all the above ingredients? 

Checkout &Me’s Happy period drink and how it has benefitted women. It is a preservative free drink that provides the right nutrition for period care. Each drink contains 9 Vitamins, 5 Minerals and 5 Ayurvedic herbs known to provide care during periods. 

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