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How to Take Care of Emotional Stress Caused by Periods?

Periods do not come only with cramps and difficulties of hygiene maintenance, but it also causes a lot of emotional stress and problems. The female body goes through hormonal changes which make mood swings and emotional stress a part of periods. For people who are suffering from PCOS, the process becomes all the harder because mood swings can last for more than 14 days, and one might find themselves alienating themselves socially to keep the emotions in check. It can get extremely stressful, and hence, it is best that we take care to keep everything in check: 

  • There are some of the best period products available in the market today. Juices are there, which soothe the nerves and calm you down and make it much easier to handle all the emotional stress. It minimizes the spurts of stress as well and can help you deal with a lot of other side effects of periods like cramps and general fatigue. All you need to make sure of is buying a product which is well-reviewed and tested and continue using it if it suits you. 
  • Period emotional stress gives rise to a lot of irritation. So, it is best to spend some time alone during this time. Take a break from work or usual activities and spend some time on your own, doing what you like. It might be reading a book or simply lying down and introspecting. You can catch up on sleep; you can give yourself the time that you needed. It is best to try and keep yourself as calm as possible and wait for the irritation to go away. Avoiding interaction with people will help you to ensure that there is no outside element which will be provoking your irritation. 
  • You need to exercise. Since the mood swings happen about a week before you are about to start your periods, a little early and a little late for some, you need to exercise. Exercising pumps your body with endorphins which help in keeping you happy and lifting your mood. This is a very necessary thing. In fact, if you exercise on a daily basis, you will see that it becomes much easier to deal with your period emotional stress as well. Combine your exercise routine with period care products, and you have the perfect recipe in your hand to treat those awful mood swings. 
  • Even though you will be craving for a lot of sugar and junk food during this time, it is best not to indulge into them too much because they might seem to give you relief, but they actually make it worse. Do not reject them altogether but do cut down on them and try to have as many fruits and vegetables as possible.
  • Try meditating. This will help you keep calm and keep your perspective in place. It is a practice that you need to i
  • ngrain even when you do not have emotional stress from periods. This is something which has an overall benefit. 

Follow these measures and try and tackle the emotional stress that comes with periods. And remember, you are not alone!

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