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How To Deal With Cramps And PMS?

Cramps and PMS are two of the most irksome side effects of having your periods. While having your periods every month is a sign of being healthy and fit, it also becomes rather difficult to manage the symptoms that come with cramps and PMS. But, worry not, because there are ways with which you can deal with them, which will, in the long run, help you to make sure that you get relief from them or at least decrease their intensity. 

Let us take them one by one. 


PMS or Pre-Menstrual Syndrome is something that a lot of women face – either sometimes or every time before their periods is due. One tends to feel bloated, experience sharp shooting pains and cramps in the underbelly, feel hungrier than usual, a little nauseating, acne outburst and many more. Overall, PMS can be really discomforting. 

Well, when you start experiencing PMS, you can try out remedies for cramps during periods if you are experiencing cramps as a part of it. You can try out juices or chocolates (dark chocolate with little to no sugar), which will help you to deal with it. If you are experiencing emotional upheavals because of PMS (it has many emotional side effects as well), it is best that you take rest and spend time with yourself. Practice yoga, meditate, exercise and try to keep your mind as calm and stress-free as possible. Stay away from caffeine and alcohol and try to get as much sleep as possible. You might feel tired for no apparent reason as such, but if you do, do not shy away from naps and long hours of sleep. This helps a lot in relieving of the symptoms of PMS. If the cramps get bad during PMS, you can always try over the counter medication, but it is best not to do it without a doctor’s permission. 

Period cramps

Period cramps happen mainly due to the contraction of the uterine wall so that the blood can be excreted from the vagina. Thus, women often experience cramps during their periods. Some women experience extreme cramps, especially when they suffer from PCOS. The intensity of the cramps increases when there is more clot formation which makes it difficult for the blood to pass. There are various measures that one can take to seek relief from cramps. Over the counter medication is one of the most effective measures, especially if you have to be up and about. You can also try birth control pills when suggested by the doctor, but this you will have to take throughout the month, and it has its own side effects. The best way to deal with cramps is to exercise throughout the month, regularly. It helps you to stay fit and makes it easier for you during your periods. In seeking relief for cramps during period, you can try cramp relief products as well like juices and chocolate which are specially made for periods.

Do not let cramps and PMS bring your spirit down. Follow the measures that suit you and keep smiling even during your periods and PMS days!

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