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How does COVID-19 tend to affect your menstrual cycle?

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You may experience more tension than ever before considering the coronavirus pandemic, even if you are not aware of it. This leads to underlying stress that reflects on our body in several different ways, from chest pains to acne breakouts. Your menstrual cycle can also be greatly affected by this. Stress may cause symptoms, discomfort, and can even stop our periods.

Changes in cycles can occur when there is a shift in routine, workout patterns, and eating habits. If someone is experiencing unexpected changes their everyday life or have disturbances in their routines, it will change their period cycles completely. This can even happen when you are on birth control because the pill has taken complete control over your ovaries and hormones which leads to menstrual disorders. So, stress during coronavirus can be one of the primary reasons for your irregular periods.

Generally, it is not just stress but a mixture of stress and the changes of usual routines that might mess with the menstrual cycle for everyone. People unexpectedly take their pills at various hours because they no longer take them on a daily schedule. People change their eating habits and their exercise habits too. All those things can have a negative effect on your hormones. It is essential to note that if you take it at the same time every day, the success rate of the pill is higher. But every since the lockdown, we have all started getting consciously getting in routine and now is an excellent time to place an alarm on your phone if you haven’t already to take your pills on time!

What should we do if our period cycle is irregular during the quarantine?

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  • First of all, one shouldn’t panic or get stressed that your period is not on time as stress only makes it worse. Some changes in our lifestyle and food habits might help regularize periods.
  • Apart from stress, obesity is also one of the primary reasons for delayed periods. As people are not moving out of their houses at all, exercise becomes a crucial step tp regularizing your periods! Make sure you work out regularly to avoid unnecessary changes in your cycle.
  • Remember that skipping meals doesn’t help. There are a lot of food and nutrition tips during self -quarantine given on the internet that you can follow for weight loss. 
  • You should always let the doctor know if you are experiencing any health changes. A few doctors’ offices might not be available the way they were before, for you to visit, so in that case make sure to get a virtual appointment if available.
  • Similar to our religious practice of diligent hand washing and sanitizing around the room, we should also practice hygiene care during your periods. Boil anything that is made of silicon. Wash reusable pads and underwear in hot water with soap. Wash your hands vigorously for at least 20 seconds before and after you change your sanitary products.

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