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Vitamin D and Calcium: Key to Curbing PCOS Symptoms

Vitamin D is an important part of our diet and helps in several body functions. Despite being such an essential aspect of our diet, many people are deficient in it, particularly those in the colder and damp climates. It is imperative to note that Vitamin D is required by both men and women in preventing certain health conditions as well.

Sunlight is the primary source of Vitamin D, and in the absence of exposure, our body is not capable of producing enough Vitamin D levels. However, this deficiency turns out to be a bigger problem for women suffering from PCOS. Low levels of Vitamin D in women can lead to an occurrence of PCOS symptoms such as:

1. Ovulatory and menstrual irregularities

2. Diminished pregnancy chances

3. Obesity

4. Increased risk of cardiovascular diseases

The deficiency of Vitamin D results in the body becoming incapable of absorbing sufficient levels of Calcium. Hence, the Vitamin D deficiency in a person would automatically lead to a calcium deficiency. In women, calcium is responsible for follicle maturation and development of eggs. Vitamin D and Calcium work in tandem to regulate the menstrual cycle.

Since, it is established that Vitamin D and Calcium are crucial in curbing the occurrence of PCOS symptoms in affected women, it has to be made a compulsory part of the PCOS treatment strategy. A number of studies have been conducted in various parts of the world that have proved the efficacy of Vitamin D and Calcium supplements in containing PCOS symptoms.

A study in Iran revealed that intake of Vitamin D and Calcium has displayed a positive impact on BMI, follicular maturation, regulating menstrual cycles, symptoms related to Androgens and reducing infertility.   

Another study in the United States highlighted that Vitamin D impacted androgen level and blood pressure condition of people observed during the study.

Hence, it is absolutely necessary for women suffering from PCOS symptoms to pay attention to the levels of Vitamin D and Calcium in their body. While it is always recommended to make up for the deficiencies naturally, it is difficult to replenish the body’s Vitamin D levels in the absence of exposure to sunlight. On the other hand, Calcium deficiency can be cured by consuming dark leafy green vegetables, bone broth nuts, beans, tofu and gelatine. As long as enough seasonal vegetables are consumed, there is no need to take additional calcium supplements since over accumulation of calcium in the body can result in kidney stones and heart ailments.

A little exposure to sunshine on a daily basis can help maintain Vitamin D levels that in turn helps calcium absorption in the body. Vitamin D and Calcium are vital in curbing PCOS symptoms in women.  

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